Doing business in Andalucia...and lifestyle...

Hi...i am planning to come to Andalucia for looking for possible investment in the city, I was wonder if anyone can give me some advice..
I  am Italian, understanding Spanish language.
My background is south east asia and now the balkans, specifically in Montenegro.
I like to be here but business opportunities are not so exciting.
In particular I am looking to be in a decent weather, in a city or countryside close to city that moving, with options for international/english schools (my daughter is 10y)
My background is focus on f&b and hospitality.
I am looking for a place to invest in a property to live and in a commercial space to run anything from tapas bar to a small boutique hotel with entertainment and activities…
let me know if you can recommend me or point me someone to talk with!.Thanks!

Hi Max,
I have been living in Granada for 8 years, I bought some land and built a new house.
I think that there is plenty of property in which to invest, the biggest business opportunities for foreigners (here in Granada) are bars and tourist apartments so you should be OK here!
Of course there is a LOT of competition and a lot of bureaucracy!

thanks! when you mean complications for burocracy you mean usual european cronic diseases or for foreigners only? i am italian and coming from montenegro and Malaysia, surely cant be worst.😅
i was looking for gaucin or cordoba actually, what do you think? what you working at?