Moving to Mojacar

I am currently in the process of selling my house here in the UK and moving out to Spain, I have discovered Mojacar and love the scenery etc that it has to offer, but not sure if there is a good ex pat community there, as I will be coming on my own, and I feel it is very important to make new friends in order to feel more at home etc, not sure how easy this is going to be! I am fortunate in that my company here in the UK are still going to employ me working remotely for them in Spain, as I already work from home for them here in the UK, so lucky I guess, I have only viewed properties on line and Googled the area and done a street view, but not sure if I would be better off moving slightly away from the main drag of the coast line and holiday hotspot are of Mojacar, and if I will achieve better value for my money on property doing this, any thoughts please?

There is a large expat community which to the most part miss out on the "real" Spain, as I have rarely ever seen one speaking Spanish or mixing with locals. If you consider this something you'd be interested in, then go for it. I would recommend really working on learning Spanish and enjoying the culture etc. rather than living in an isolated lifestyle. You'll enjoy it so much more!

Thank you! yes I am currently learning Spanish and enjoying doing so!

You wouldn't happen to need a lodger miss...just saying.. ;):D