Avg. range for housing allowances?

I'm looking into an international position with a multi-national company.  I would live in Tokyo.  Does anyone know if there is an "average" housing allowance?  I know I would receive one but thought I'd find out if there's a typical range for this.  I've done enough research to know that cost of living is sky high.  Does anyone have thoughts to share on this issue?  Thanks!


To be honest this really is case by case for each company. Due to recent events in the financial world, some companies are seriously cutting back on their expat packages so I would confirm what deal you are getting with them. Are there any other pluses for example an education package?

I am not on an expat deal so I live in ordinary Japanese housing. We have an apartment that for us is great but of course it is nothing like the size of expat accommodation. Personally I think living in Tokyo is cheaper than living in London - accommodation is sometimes slightly higher although that's only if you are looking at living in above the norm type housing.

If you live inside the Yamanote line prices also tend to go up dramatically as you are now in the center of the city. I live just outside so save some yen that way :)

Thanks for your thoughts. How about dogs?  Did you move their with pet?  It sounds like there's a great deal of paperwork, but if everything is in order, it's supposed to be pretty hassle free.  We're happy to deal with the paperwork. From what we've read, the Japanese are into their dogs as much as anywhere else.  Thanks!


You are absolutely right the Japanese love their dogs! You will have no problem there. You do need to check though whether the apartment you move to allows pets or not. It is entirely at the discretion of the building owner so again case by case. I don't seem to be giving you any concrete answers here! Gomen ne ( sorry :)) If I could give a clear answer I promise I would.

I know many people here who own dogs though - big and small - so there are plenty of places that accept pets.

You're also right about the paperwork - if it's all done then you are basically hassle free. If there are mistakes then that's when things get irritating. One thing to note, be sure to write your name as it appears on your official documentation. If you have a middle name that you don't usually  use but it shows on your passport then to save you many hassles down the line, use it on your documentation here. That way all your paperwork is consistent for future bank, utilities, phone, etc. application.

By the way it's a great place to live!

Thanks again for your reply!  Your response definitely made my wife (and our dog, ha ha) very happy.    Joe


i am about to take up a job in Yokohoma, so please advise what is the living cost and how much is rent there.

I specially want to know how much is rent there in Yokohoma

hope to hear soon