Climbing to Mount Fuji this Saturday night (20Aug2011)


it's almost 2 weeks i'm here in Tokyo, as it's a climbing season to Mount Fuji, dont want to miss the chance--So goin out this weekend with 2 of my colleagues to enjoy the sun rising at the top most point of Japan...
We're planning for night-trek we'll start at around 5pm-6pm on Saturday with target to reach the top before 3AM.

Any suggestion/tips ??
It'll be great if anybody share the first hand experience of recent Fuji trip....


hi there ^ i did it when i first arrived and stopped over at one of the lodges near the top for a couple of hours kip before going to the top. will worth it

have a good one


Hey mark,

Thanks for your reply ...

We successfully climbed the Mount Fuji but could not see the sunrise the whether was too bad --it was raining --and it's too cold (around 4 degree) and windy at the top ...we just took shelter in one of the shop at the top... and climbed down after couple of hours ...

Yes, it would have been better to take rest in a hut on the way to top for few hours...

congrats pins, I did last year and was lucky enough to see the sunrise