Japanese comics (Anime) fans

Hello everyone

I'm so into anime : ) If u have any nice anime wanna share, leave the names of ur fav anime here :D Ty

Hi hanoingaytrove,

Here are some of my favourite:

• Gundam

• Vision of escaflown

• Basilisk

These are not the recent, but still good.  :D



Ty I'll check those anime

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Fullmetal Alchemist is the best I've ever seen.

Hi Sempularity,

Please note that this is an old topic (2014)  ;)

Suggest you create your own thread, it might get some updated feedback.


I agree with most of the list that was offered. A lot of really cool anime and manga are listed here. Unfortunately, I do not have access to resources where you can download anime and so I use this rating of sites where you can watch anime for free - https://www.ratrating.com/tops/movies/anime/all . Perhaps my experience will be useful to someone.