Free and low-cost leisure activities in Japan


We invite you to share some information regarding leisure activities that are free or low-cost in Japan. This information will give future expats (or even current expats) an idea regarding some of leisure activities that they might not be aware of.

Is there a way to find out about free or low-cost fun activities in Japan, such as a specific app, or a newsletter, or magazine, tourism board, etc.? How do you find out where events are organised?

What are the most common free leisure activities in Japan?
Which free activities do you recommend for children, for teenagers, for adults, and for seniors?

Are there certain days where access to paid activities are offered at a lower price or even for free, such as museum entry, or exhibitions, or a theme park, etc.?

How do you maximise your leisure activities in the most cost-effective manner?

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free tours:
Kirin Beer Factory
I have been to the factory in Nagoya. After the tour, you get to try 3drinks for free. There is a free shuttle bus from JR Biwajima station. Reservation is required. Sorry, can't find any English website for Kirin.

Hatcho Miso in Okazaki, Aichi Ken
They also offer free tours and free miso after the tour. No reservation required.

Nagoya International Center
It is a good place to get information and help.
If you are interested to meet people with same interests or hobbies.

For train schedules and cost, I recommend

There are shops that sell cheap tickets to bullet trains, theme parks etc. It is usually near major stations.

Hope it helps.