Single in Japan?

I'm a single woman living in Seattle and am considering a job offer that is in the Tokyo office of my company (high-tech related).  I've never lived anywhere else but Seattle but have travelled outside of the US a bunch!

My main concern is that I'd be moving by myself and that at 38 years old, I'm *still* single.  What kind of a life can I expect as a single person/woman in Japan and are there any outlets for meeting other single expats?

It's probably a great opportunity for my career, but I wonder if my personal life is better off remaining in the US.


Well I'm not single now but I was single when I came here. I came when I was 29 and am 36 now. I love living here personally but of course it is horses for courses!

There are some great women's networks here - check out set up by Caroline Pover in 1997 with us ladies in mind. There is a forum that you can sign up to to get answers from us non-Japanese ladies living in Japan :)

There is certainly plenty to do here so you don't need to worry about that. As for guys, my guy is from the UK - funny I meet a UK guy in Japan! - but most of my friends have Japanese boyfriends or husbands and are very happy. If not then they are out and about making friends and meeting people until.... ;)

I hope this helps - come back if you need more info.