Hiking in Nepal


Am looking into Hiking in Nepal during Oct/Nov this year
and thinking of the Annapurna Trail. Am led to understand this
is moderate and get to see wild like as runs thru the national

Am interested in any advice and also if anyone interested to
join in.

So far not had any luck in finding any companies within Japan
that cater to this type of thing; However plenty of Nepalese
companies which do and can jump on reasonably cheap flights
via China.

Anyone want to get together over a coffee or a beer to discuss
then please feel free to give me a buzz


if you need any information you can contact me.......

Hi sagun_26!

Why don't you share on the forum ?


Thanks segun 26 - basically trying to find agency in japan which arranges such trips so can join up with others from japan who are interested or planning such a trip.