Evening drink + get together for all new and exisiting members

Hi Lads+Lasses,

It has been suggested by some new members, that a get together over evening drinks would be a very good way for people to meet
and chat. This could be turned into a regular event and would also act as a good way of face to face networking.

This could be done in both Tokyo and Yokohama.

I would unfortunately only be available from 5th or 11th-12th august, but it doesn`t stop others from organising (especially established members with experience of good pubs or restaurants).

For those ready, able and keen, please reply to this forum and if someone would like to organise same then please do.

What finer way of stepping up and saying hello...


Hi nippon ,,

            I found this a very interesting idea. we have to intialize these meetings.


nagoya is a bit far from tokyo/yokohama but perhaps you could start one yourself for members in or near nagoya..