No update on family visit visa

My husband has applied at mofa for a 3 months family visit visa for me and my son. It's been almost two weeks but no update about it. What can be the reason for the delay anybody else facing the same problem?

After applying in mofa website the Employer should attested it from chamber of commerce.. it's online attestation after that visa approval takes place.

We have applied in chamber but no update. How many days does it usually take?

Online visa process takes 3 to 7 working days only if all the information provided by is correct and according to the norms.

I got the visa approved the next day

How do we know if it is rejected? We sent the request on 20th of Feb.

you'll have to keep checking and apply another visa after 15 working days.

I have been keeping a track. Tomorrow will be the 15th day I guess I should apply again.

Umme abdur rahman :

I have been keeping a track. Tomorrow will be the 15th day I guess I should apply again.

there might be the reason of rejection due to sponsor's profession if it doesn't fall in the category then it will not be approved regardless. re-apply and make sure all the information is correct.

Jazakallah Khair brother

I have a question about family visit visa.
I have applied online for a family visit visa for my brother, it was approved within a few days. Later we discovered the person who assisted with the online application made a spelling mistake in the name,, we then re apply with a new application but every time we check online it says duplicate, if we check the status every time then we find 2 application nos. The first application no showing the visa and the second application no which is the updated one with correct names, says duplicate, I have been calling all nos but no one could assist, please advise.

sometime takes time as well, i got after 3 weeks from the submission of paper. So no worries if its getting late

There will be notification or something when check your application review it and re apply
I applied visa for my wife and another day I received visa

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