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Hello All
Would anyone know where to find a site of comparative medical insurances.
Which would be the cheapest, not just to have a pseudo coverage, but to use.
Thank you.

I do not like insurances in general. Millionaires are fine, OK mandatory insurance has to be I suppose, ambulance emergency ops etc. If you have cancer however things are expensive, nothing is for free in this world, so many people pay for you or vice versa. Additional insurances on average you pay.

Admittedly I have an insurance against fire etc for my house, I accept, if I am sick I am happy to pay (I have though national Hungarian insurance through my company). However if you die or are very sick, in my view just better die without too much pain and buy your pain killers.

I realize this is controversial and challenging, but I do not like insurances (I would have loved to be a millionaire though).

We are going to die, why spend money on a few years extra whereas with money spent (on operations and insurers you can make life for others much better).

Well that’ls what I replied to the kind insurance broker who called from Prime Dubai again. 250 euros/ month as last time I enquired. Me too employer will cover me, but I wondered what if I became a digital nomad.

That bad thing about buying insurance is if you never use it you resent having to pay for it.
We had zero medical insurance for over 30 years in the US when my husband was self employeed.
We paid for insurance for about 6 year at the rate of $500. a month back when we were young, healthy and $500. was serious money ( still is)
The expensive coverage covered hospital only with a $1,000 out of pocket dedc. if  used.
Thankfully we never had to use it.We decided our money could go for better things then making the insurance co. rich.Stopped the coverage since it wasn't a great plan anyways.
Our household rule was no one was allowed to get sick.
We had a private doctor who I had been going to since I was a child who we used just in case for minor issues that might come up.
He was a general practioners who was older then my parnets and was still running his office into his mid 80's.
He did everything in his office over the years from surgery, setting bones to delivering babies.
He put together funds to open the first hospital in our town, didn't even put his name on the building.
Kept his fees very low as most people in our town had larger families and he even took long term payments plans with no interest.
A real doctor who believed more in healing then getting rich.
Even now in my senior years I avoid seeing the doctor unless it's something I can't heal myself with herbs, teas or natural means.
I have national health in Hungary but almost never use it.
Best advice is do not waste your hard earned money on pill pushers in white coats.
A low cost private plan is enough for immigration services in Hungary if you are a person who is overall in good health.
I know a ex-pat women who paid one of the high priced plans in HU for private heath coverage. They told her at every turn that the doctors couldn't make an appoinment with her for this reason or the other. She just wanted a base line check-up and never got to see a doctor for the full years she paid for the plan in HU. Then she was told when she changed her policy that they at the co, thought she had probably left HU by now. Talk about discouraging someone.

I'd also rather see money spent on educating people on how to manage their health then to try to fix issues that are the result of abusing their bodies for years and years then looking for a magic cure.
No such thing out there.
My one old friend ATM is paying out of pocket for her health coverage in the US. She has a so called great health plan as she worked for the state in education.
Has brain tumors now so it worked out for her to pay her $600. a month for coverage.
The bad thing is she gets a small state pension of just over $600. a month which she now uses to keep herself going with doctors visits.
Spends most of her time running from one doctor"s office to another. She probably would be better off enjoying her last few years since she worked so hard to collect all of her toys. RV, boats etc. Might be better off just going to the hills and enjoying life at the lake then sitting in an office trying to fix something that is broken.
Don't think this was in her long term retirement plans.
I've never heard in the past of so many young ill people as I do now. Everyone is eating junk and sitting around too much watching the blue screen. Sunshine, grounding on earth with bare feet, good food and water and not trying to run in the rat race is the best cure for any health issue.
Sitting in a doctors office sharing horror tales with other ill people is not the way to go.

I don't know of any comparison source for private medical insurance in Hungary. Private insurance is mostly an expat issue, and there are not that many expats to make it worth while to make a list and keep it current.

But there are a few expats here who have had experience with private insurance such as:

cdw057 :

I do not like insurances in general.

That is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

But also irrelevant. Because, if you live in Hungary, you are mandated, ergo required, to have heath insurance.

Know a lady here in Budapest who bought an expensive plan for health coverage through Generalli.
I also used their basic no frills plan when I was starting my immigration paperwork, it didn't cover anything really but was enough to make immigration services happy.
She bought a so called, "real plan" but every single time she tried to make an appointment with her plan for a wellness checkup they gave her some story or another.
Everyone was going on vacation, they were booked and to call back, one thing or another every time she tried to use her coverage.
Long story but she never got in to see a doctor.
She changed her health plan after that year and told them how disappointed she was with their policy.
They came right out and told her that the reason they never took her seriously is because they thought she would soon be long gone from Hungary.
It's easy to buy a plan but not so easy to get serivce.

The insurance semi-advertised -- as in "unofficially suggested" -- at immigration is Generali.
But some useful links: … re-hungary … ealth-care

Vicces1 :

The insurance semi-advertised -- as in "unofficially suggested" -- at immigration is Generali.
But some useful links: … re-hungary … ealth-care

I used this co. when I was doing my immigration paperwork, over 8 years ago.
They had reps at the immigration office outside at the time.
Their coverage was really nothing, never used it as it didn't  really cover a thing.
Good for enough  immigration though.
Forget the exact coverage they may or may not cover, something like they would help pay for a broken leg on the 5th of May as long as it wasn't raining and the dog had been let out that day.
Useless really.

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to respond.
I found AXA, just by going through online ads, one of their Czech branches, 19 euros / month. That’s reasonable for admin purposes, waiting for my employer to cover me. The trick was 1/ avoiding American insurance Cos and 2/ going for Holiday insurance 3/ for EU nationals. Then from 300 it’s boiled down to 20 euros, at my age.
Regards … j0B5gIUk0Y

Not sure but it may be from this page - if anyone wants my exact link I’ll look it up on my computer.

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