How to buy car insurance?


I have been living here for nearly 6 months and find all bureaucratic tasks exhausting and frustrating. My husband and I are buying a second hand car and this is proving very challenging. My husband has his international driver's license and mine will be ready in about 10 days. We are trying to buy a colleagues car, but cannot get a straight answer about the following:

1) Does Brazil accept International DL?
2) What insurance companies will insure you with a DL rather than a Brazilian DL?

We need to act quickly, so any info is welcome.


1. International DL for the purpose of driving or leasing a rental is fine. Not sure about if you go about buying a car.  Honestly, why would anyone buy a car here is beyond me.
2.There are several. Porto Seguro is the most popular.

Does not matter as DL for buying a car. Bought 1 used and one new. Neither asked about DL.
Bradesco, Banco de Brazil,  and others insure cars. Anything over a certain age and foreign vehicle not built in BR will only insure the liability and not comp.

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