Wish to buy a car in Campinas

My name is Chloe, I am French and working in Campinas. I'd like to buy a car, no particular requisites except the budget : 10 000 - 12 000 R$ maximum, and of course in good shape. Please, if you got some serious and trusful offer, do not hesitate to share!

Hi Chloé,

First of all you're not going to get much of a used car on the budget you mentioned. You're going to be looking at something probably around 10 years old for that amount.

Be extremely cautious when buying any used vehicle, but much moreso if buying privately, or you can really get stung.

You need to make sure that there are no liens on the vehicle so you need to ask for a "Certidão Negativa" from the Cartório if the vehicle was ever financed. You will also need to check with DETRAN since all outstanding fines that any vehicle accumulates pass with the ownership of the vehicle and you could end up buying a car that has thousands of reais in fines still unpaid. If you've purchased a car and not done this you're legally responsible to pay those fines or the car can be seized if you're ever stopped in a blitz.

If you are purchasing a car from a dealership, make absolutely certain that the ownership has been transferred over into the dealership's name within the 30 days required by law BEFORE you buy the vehicle. If the car is still in the name of the previous owner and not the dealership outstanding fines may be the reason they haven't done the transfer. Also, if the date YOU transfer the vehicle into your name from the previous owner's notarized signature on the Registration is more than that required 30 days, then YOU end up paying the fine that should be the dealership's to pay.

Also, don't forget that there are taxes, registration fees, etc. to pay in connection with any transaction for vehicles. You'll have to pay IPVI regardless of how many times a car gets sold, the government taxes it over and over and over again every single time. Then you must pay the obligatory DPVAT in order to pay the license fee as well.

I thank you very much for all this information. Gosh it seems complicated ! I already notice that with my budget, I'll have to buy a used one. But no choice.
If you got some reliable contacts (people or dealers) in Campinas, do not hesitate. Again thank you for all these indications. Chloé

Hi Chloé,

Take it from me, I've lived in Brazil (in 4 different states) for 13 years now. Lived in São Paulo (zona oeste) and in Belo Horizonte. I had a couple of cars in my time here and gave them up, quit driving years ago. Car ownership in this country is just a colossal pain in the butt and too expensive unless you either have a car provided by your employer or you REALLY NEED a car because it is part of your work and you can't work without it. (I don't mean just to get to and from work, where it's going to sit parked for 8 hours either!).

I lived for several years in São Paulo and went everywhere imaginable in Greater São Paulo without a car, took longer yes - but it was 10 times cheaper than owning a car. What I saved by NOT OWNING a car I used for taxi fares when I absolutely couldn't get by without wheels. I still saved a fortune! I came out on top, without the expenses, without the taxes, maintenance, parking problems, worries of vandalism and accidents, etc., etc., etc.

My firm advice to ANYONE thinking about buying a car here in Brazil is to really consider well if first of all you REALLY NEED a car, or if you're just so used to having a car you don't think you could live without one. The costs are horrendous and they don't stop, they don't reduce, not ever. In major Brazilian cities the public transportation system is pretty crappy I know, but it still works reasonably well. Get a bike and use it, or walk for short distances... God how we get so reliant on just hopping in the car to run down to the corner store! Taxis are relatively cheap and if you only use them infrequently you'll save an absolute fortune.

I rarely even used a taxi when I did massive grocery shops! Big hint here folks... most supermarkets all over Brazil deliver right to your kitchen (free of charge or for a very low fee) everything that you've purchased. So you take the frozen stuff with you, walk home and wait for it to arrive. One less time you've though you needed a car. POW!

Just think, car ownership involves:

Licensing fees
Vehicle inspections in many cities
Drivers licence / auto escola, etc for anyone in Brazil over 180 days you need a Brazilian CNH
gas & oil
insurance (one of the biggest rip-offs in Brazil, doesn't cover anything)
traffic headaches
potential theft and maybe even getting killed in the process
fender benders and more serious accidents
Traffic fines from radar cameras set up in locations that are "fine factories"
Traffic fines from cloned vehicles that YOU end up responsible for
Road rage incidents (potentially life threatening)

You don't have any of that s___t if you don't have a car! Think about it.

And thanks again! Actually since few days (learning about how hard it is to own a car here) I think more and more about renting. I know it would be expensive as well but on long term maybe it is possible to negotiate a little the price. At least we avoid assurance and adminstrative issues.
Actually I am living in Campinas, and in the city the public transportation network is not optimum, so day to day it is an handicap. Also, I am moving during the weekends. On a long term stay (1 - 2 years) the more it goes, the more I realize it is essential. At the same time, very expensive I agree.
Do you know about good car rent agencies in Campinas ?
And I really take note of your tip concerning grocery shops. It is a very good advice.
Thank you for your support!

I'd recommend sticking with the big names in car rental agencies, they are by far the most reliable. Avis, Hertz, Unidas and Localiza come to mind immediately. They will probably all have locations in Campinas, if not downtown certainly you'll find them at Viracopos Airport.

Thanks a lot.
It feelds good to have some support from someone who has this kind of knowledge!

Yes indeed, knowing an old guy that has been here for so many years does have its benefits!  :lol:

Amazing Boss :cool:

Sitting here in Campinas also wanting a car. I have experience driving here but need to know the ins and outs of ongoing overheads.