Want to buy odd vehicle in Brazil for export


I have already tried to buy a vehicle in Brazil for shipping to Europe but sadly the expat guy in Sao Paulo turned out to be corrupt and stole my money!

Do any expats want to team up with me and work with me with in some way? Are there any shipping agents in Brazil that are not corrupt which seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome?

I look forward to your comments.


I think it is possible to send cars overseas, first you should know what is allowed and desired at a determined country.
We keep on  talking!
louis. P


You really need to check out the importation laws as they apply to motor vehicles in the country you are planning to take them too. In some countries (like Brazil) importing anything but a Classic Vehicle is impossible. Even when you do, there are also many environmental laws that you must comply with as well.

Check it all out before you sink your hard earned money into something you can't take back home with you because of the bureaucracy.

James        Expat-blog Experts Team


Thanks for your advice but importing them into the UK is not a problem it seems.

There is also a lot of demand for the vehicle I want to import but as I said I can only do this if I find an honest, reliable person to help me achieve this and I know the idea has very strong business potential. For a business to succeed the number 1 requirement is honesty!

In view of the money that I have lost to the corrupt guy in Sao Paulo in trying to set this up I would also need someone to sink some of their money into this venture as well and I am also willing to split the profit 50/50.

If anyone is interested then please get in touch and I will explain more  :)

Hello Jged,

To give a boost to your search, i invite you to drop a detailed advert in the corresponding section of the website  :

- Business partners classifieds in São Paulo.

Your search will be more accessible to members looking for a business opportunity.

Cheers, :)

Good morning James! The original inquire seems to be confusing. The  woman who placed the ad claims to be have been a victm of  crime  "therefore she needs to find an honesr investor who wants to make a lot of money" and all of this using her erroneous assumptions and ideas.   Although you have warned her there could be many pitfals such as environmental, export laws,red tape,  bureaucracy, she dismissed all of them  and sayid:   thanks for your advice but importing them into the UK is not a problem.

That was enough for me!
I do not want to have anything to do with this person.

I warn any person reading this as not to invest any money into this deal... It smells rotten or "um golpe" as one would call it in Brazil.
thanks, louis

Well yes Louis I am a victim of crime if you want to put it like that and no I am not a she!

I know an associate company in the UK that is doing exactly the same thing that I want to set up and gets around the many pitfalls as you put it so there is a way!

This is a genuine business proposition for someone willing to make a go of it!


Yeah, I don't mean to trash your thread, but it's not a good idea for anybody to do this kind of business with someone online. Too many scammers out there.

Hi there, its not that difficult to send used/ classic  car's from this country, every where you go in brazil there are loads of classic, and most are in a right old classic condition, what I would suggest is you fly in to brazil, for 2 to 3 weeks, drive around looking of different cars that you like, pay for them, get them picked up strataway on a low-loader, and take to a secure storage area, probably a port, where they can be checked and cleared and loaded into a container for shipping,, what a can say it will cost you about £2000 to get them shipped back to the UK in a 20 foot container
I will say,, there is no "cheep deals". to be done in Brazil, all type's of vehicle's are so over priced, even the junk is over priced
Peter in Iguaba grand RJ

This makes no sense. I've travelled to many countries and I can say that Brazil is one of the last places where I would look for a car to export to another country. There are very few of what I would call nice or desirable cars in Brazil and they are imported. Any car that was imported into Brazil has been taxed heavily so is overpriced compared to the country of origin. This sounds like a scam.

i have worked on meany different types of car's and i know there some good old classic in Brazil, but someone would need to go and see them before any money changed hands, and if who ever bought these car's should have a low-loader to remover the car so Jged. you would or find someone else you can trust, but remember brazil is a very big country, and these car's are all over brazil,, and there lie's your problem, money

Hello all

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Jged, hello, I am already exporting vehicles from Brazil to the UK. It's not difficult but you must be careful and choose a English speaking agent in Brazil that can act on your behalf. I am married to a Brazilian and some of our relations are in the motor trade industry in Brazil.

I would be happy to work with you and assist you going forward, lets speak on this further, contact me and I will forward you my email address.


Thats great. Please get in touch with me


  thats a very shamful that someone stollen ypur money.
any how if you want a correctlly business . so i am with you.
you email me and i will forward you my contact number. then we will share our ideas about this business.
thank you.


Sao Paulo

Hi jgd

  Yes this is not a easy job. Because I also export some old models cars to UK from brazil. But my accountant is know every thing about his taxes and law for export. So I am doing it very confidendentlly. 
If you like to share about you need and demands. I can send you your required model cars. 
Please contact me on my email or whatsapp.

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