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Everything you need to know to work in São Paulo
The Brazilian labour market
In recent years, Brazil suffered through an economic recession and a government austerity program. Still, Brazil possesses the world's 12th-largest economy, so there are jobs for those who qualify. Foreigners wishing to work in Brazil will need to have skills not readily available within Brazil. Also, many jobs will require at least a working knowledge of Portuguese. Another route, if you don't possess an in-demand skill set, is to seek permanent residency, which will grant you the right to work legally in Brazil.
Finding a job in Brazil
It's better to get a job from abroad if you want to work in Brazil. In this article, find useful information to guide you in your search. To obtain a work visa in Brazil, you're advised to find a job before moving. You may consult job offers from Brazilian economic missions nearest to you or from foreign chambers of commerce operating in Brazil. Moreover, you have to gather concrete information on the labor market and on occupational regulations or on settlement procedures if you want to set up your own business there.
Invest in Brazil
With a population of more than 212 million and a growing middle class, Brazil represents many investment opportunities. Real estate, tourism, restaurants and bars, and private schools represent some of the possibilities. However, Brazil remains a highly bureaucratic country that isn't especially conducive to business. Be sure to do your due diligence before launching any business endeavor here. You can begin educating yourself at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Taxes.
Working in São Paulo
São Paulo is Brazil's largest economic center by far, with many Brazilian firms headquartered here, as well the offices of dozens of multinational companies. The state of São Paulo has large agricultural and manufacturing components, and the capital city of São Paulo is its financial heart. São Paulo is without question the premier financial center of Brazil and South America. With its diversified economy and large services sector, it offers jobs for those with the requisite skill sets. It can also offer an excellent quality of life. But if you'd like to work there, you're advised to begin your search for a job from abroad. You can begin by reviewing's general guidelines for working in Brazil.
Internships in Brazil
Brazil is a huge, diverse, and interesting country. It's fully half of South America, whether measured in terms of geography, population, or economy. It could be a great place to spend some time developing your skills and adding to your CV. Consider studying Portuguese before you come to Brazil for your internship, as it's likely to be a requirement for your work, and you'll need it in day-to-day dealings.
Working in Curitiba
Curitiba attracts many foreigners, who come both for work and because Curitiba offers a high standard of living. Many foreign companies have offices and facilities in Curitiba. But if you'd like to work there, you're advised to begin your search for a job from abroad. You can start by reviewing's general guidelines for working in Brazil.
Job candidates in São Paulo
Sao Paulo
Added on 18/06/2024
BRL 15000
Sao Paulo
Added on 18/06/2024
Sao Paulo
Added on 17/06/2024
USD 1200
Sao Paulo
Added on 12/02/2024
EUR 1200
graduate in agroecology
Permanent contract
Sao Paulo
Added on 04/01/2024
USD 10000
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