At Sao ,do cabs accept credit /debit cards ?

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I came to know that cabs don't accept cards at Sao and you have to carry cash in hand .Can some one comment on it ?

Also it has been told that cabs are very expensive at a cost of 10 - 12 US$ / 2 miles .Is this correct ?

How about travelling through buses ? Whats the average cost ? Do they have any monthly/ weekly pass system ?

For expats having no idea about portoguese does Brazilian government assist with bus routes and maps in english .


São Paulo's public transportation system sells a pass which is called "Bilhete Único", you can purchase it at any lottery shop (Casa Lotérica), bus loop ticket counter and subway stations. You put as much credit into is as you wish. It allows you to take up to 4 buses in a two hour period Mon - Sat and 4 hours on Sunday. You can also use it on both the subway and CPTM trains. It can also be used to transfer from bus to subway or CPTM or vice versa for a small additional fee. It is an extremely good value and very convenient. You can recharge the credits at many locations such as newsstands, bakeries, etc., that display the Bilhete Único logo.

SPTrans website and Google Maps are great ways to plan your route by bus, train and subway. Once you get to know the system you can even figure out creative shortcuts that will save you lots of time in travel, because the two websites don't always indicate the shortest and fastest route.

Follow the link below for a São Paulo taxi fare calculator: … lator/loid

Taxi fares are really NOT all that expensive.

I really don't know about debit cards, but I believe some accept credit cards. You should ask when you phone.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

Hello Ayaz,

From my personal experience, indeed very few taxi accept credit card. The exception rather than the rule. Carry some money or stop by a secure ATM (like those in 24h supermarket at night) on your way to take out money.

I already had trouble to take out money from ATM (was a canadian card) and he accepted only cash. Still, I knew my card was working if I buy something. The taxi driver accepted that I pay him gasoline instead of paying cash. This situation might be more complicated though if someone doesn't speak portuguese.

As for the buses, it costs 3 reais one way, only cash or the card "bilhete unico" that you charge at metro stations, like William explained. I find that buses are a good way to get around, never had any problem except that they get pretty full at traffic time.

I always find my way through "Google maps" with the itinerary / bus option. Usually reliable.

Cashiers are helpful too, most of the time, but once again they usually don't speak english unfortunately.

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