Bringing a 40 inch TV with me next time I travel to DR ?

Traveling to DR ( Sosua) area 2-3 times a year from Canada. I need to bring one more TV to my condo. Does anyone know if i can just bring it with me next time i fly down and pay the duty at the airport. The smart TVs are so cheap here in Canada so i believe even with the fees to import the TV i should be OK comparing with the price for the similar TV in DR. Does this make sense? many thanks to all who would like to help with this topic.

Hi!  We are from niagara, Ontario.  What airline allows you to take the tv on board?  We are planning to take a 55” to Las Terrenas, DR.  Gary

Read the threads. Some slide in, some don't.  So far there are no definitive answers.  Take your chances,...50/50. Good luck.

Don't take your chances, call the airline.

18% sales tax plus minimum 20% duty. Make sure you bring your original receipt.

Be prepared for them to charge tax and duty on the price they're decide not what you paid. This can happen!

Talk to WestJet....
I assume you fly YYZ-AZS with them.

Oversize checked bag is possible
AZS is a benign entry point... compared to others (IMO)

thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. much appreciated. i believe any airline will accommodate oversize check in language, obviously they will charge the fee. i am usually flying with Air transat YYZ to POP. Will definitely check with  them before i attempt to do this.   the RCA 40 inch smart TV is selling now for less than 200 CAN $. Even if i pay 18% sales tax and 30% duty fee on the price they consider average, which is around 850 CAD i will save few hundred dollars . I guess i am also curious to figure out if this make sense since i need to bring 3 more flat screens in the future. Will share my experience once i do it probably around May/Jun next year. thank you all so much.

Or --
talk to Peralta Bros in Toronto ... they ship to the DR...door to door

That  is foolproof...goes by ocean so takes 3 weeks or so

Please let us know how it goes!  Good luck.

We bought a 40 inch Aiwa smart TV FOR 15000 Pesos in Puerto Plata, so $400 CAD.  Buying locally is way cheaper in this case, and Aiwa is a much better brand than RCA.  You'd be lucky if that thing even turns on when you get here. Plus you would still have access to a warranty, if needed.

Good points UncleBuck. thank you

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