Residencia renewal - actual process

I am reposting this with permission,  it was originally posted on FB and has great information!

Temp to Permanent Residency - a tale of 220 days!

For whomever it may help, here's the process with timeline that I followed to change from temporary to permanent residency. 220 calendar days total.

I managed the entire process without assistance with exception of some clues from other  threads - thanks, everyone!

Received residency & cedula that expire in 1 year

Cost: 28,100 + gasoline for various trips to Puerto Plata and one to the capital
600 buena conducta
5500 seguros patria
12000 residency
4500 medical test
3000 cedula
2500 peso 'fine' for overstay for leaving country in middle of the process with no valid residency


May 2, 2018
***the requirement to submit request for change to permanent status in advance has changed recently to allowing it to be uploaded online simultaneously with all other documents***

Took letter requesting change of status from temp to perm to Puerto Plata immigration office. Copy of cédula, residency card, and passport photo page requested. Given number and told to call in 2 weeks. Nothing done online at this point. Told not necessary until response received.

Format for letter was

�Director General de Migración
Presente��De mi mayor consideración:���Por medio de la presente, **el/ella** que subscribe, **your name**, de nacionalidad **your nationality**, residente de **your address**, **your occupation**, habiendo cumplido con las renovaciones anuales requeridas de su residencia temporal numero **your residency number** pone a su consideración su solicitud de residencia permanente.��

Muy atentamente,��
** your name**
** your phone number**
** your email**�

May 21
Went to Migración website and filled out form with personal info

May 21 - Buena conducta
Online at paid for cert de no antecedentes penales online and saved it in pdf format. Can also email it. Either need banco reservas number or pay it online which I did. Cost, 600 pesos

May 23 called office. No response from the capital regarding my letter requesting the change.
May 29 called office, yes have response.
May 30 pick up response.

Now need to upload all docs online and wait for response.

Jun 6 Seguros Patria in Puerto Plata paid for repatriation insurance 5462 pesos

Jun 7 uploaded everything including 6 months of bank activity. i don't have a Dominican account so uploaded 6 months of a US account without translation.
Jun 8 receive ok on website to take docs to pto pta.

Jun 11 in Puerto Plata they took original of all documents plus 3 fotos front/side, one full copy of all passport pages, 4 residency and 4 cédula and 4 passport principal page copies

Now docs go to capital and wait for email saying to go pay and do medical.

Jun 20 had been told to wait for email in 4 days saying go pay. Never arrived. Decided to check online and the ok to pay was there ready to be printed out. Had today’s date - not sure it was ready earlier and date of form was just set to day I printed it.

Estado de revisión had changed to evaluación completada

Jun 21
Went to Puerto Plata and paid 12000 + 4500 medical.
Get receipt. KEEP THIS RECEIPT UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR RESIDENCY CARD! It's needed at DGM at the end of the entire process Take passport & receipt for medical exam. 2 blocks down and other side of Calle Beller at Laboratorio Clínico Puerto Plata. X-ray, blood & urine samples, med exam (listen heart, lungs, temperature, medical questionnaire).

Was told to wait 10 days & call Puerto Plata to confirm they got the medical results... then wait to be notified.

July 3 exit Dr via POP airport. Won’t accept the submitted document list and payment receipt (as I was told they would). Showed that system said my residency expired and they had no option but to collect 2500 pesos for my 2 month stay. The “system” wouldn’t let them do anything else. They said submitting docs is no guarantee of receiving residency.

July 8 Never called to confirm med results delivered, but examen médico status online changed from en proceso to completado. Estado de revisión changed from blank to en depuracion y revisión legal.

Nov 2 status changed to “-“

Nov 19 status changed to “en revision final”

Nov 28 status changed to “Revision Final Complete”
Fecha de Emisión changed to “VISITAR DGM 07/12/2018 A RETIRAR SU CARNET Y/O CARTA CONSTANCIA

No email or phone call received.

Dec 7 Trip to DGM.
Arrived 8am. Number 25 in line for renewals. Inside at 8:10am.

9:10 took receipt at window 12 told wait for name called for foto at window 6.

10:45 window 12. Review documents and sign book. Got letter to take to get cedula.

11am luperon to get cedula. Need passport and old cedula. 3000 pesos for one year.

11:30. Cedula obtained
12:00. Back to DGM
Made a copy of cedula and passport at DGM window inside waiting room. Submit back at window 12. Wait to call name for foto window 6
1:20 called to take foto from window 6

2:10 Called to window 12 for card and sign book and wanted to see original 6 month old receipt from Puerto Plata again

DONE! (until next year)

long process but very important
so y undesrtanding from somepost we can do this process from home Canada?

OK. This is renewal.  You are not doing that.

First part for you starts at home.

On my way to SD to renew residency. Is it possible to renew longer than 1 year.

after 4 renewals - I think
It changed recently

That is my understanding as well.

Bummer. This is numaro 3

should i do the  Residency if every year i want to spend 4 to 5 month ?

will you want/need health insurance ?
Buying a car ? Will you drive?

There's always the chance that a 6 month visa will be possible

But there is also the bugaboo that chronic overstaying won't be allowed.

Like ClintEastwood/Dirty Harry ---
How lucky are feeling today ?

I dont need to buy a car i will buy insurance
looking for a walking distance to beach and i will get a taxi to buy my monthly shopping
i dont want to try my luck with penalty for over staying  i red that some where not permitted to get in again . so what is your suggestion?

It's personal really.... a comfort level sort of

Some are happy to come & go w/o proper residency
Others feel it's breaking the law not to get residency

I feel that I am better treated when people know I am a resident
Actually, I just passed the citizenship exam (after 10 yrs of residency)

Driving and health care are stacked against non-residents... better to comply

read on in here and elsewhere to help yourself decide if you want.

Here is a great story sent to me by a member,  had me giggling...

A word of warning for those going to DGM to renew their Residency: I arrived and entered the crowded main room as usual, then when my name was called and I was given a pass, I went to enter the "inner sanctum" to have my photo taken and be fingerprinted. The security guard stopped me from entering because she spotted my sandal shod feet under my trousers. I must admit, I had forgotten about this stupid rule, but I pointed out numerous ladies who were wearing open shoes, to be told that ladies were allowed open shoes, but men were not. I can't work out the logic of that, but it was confirmed by the several other officials I spoke to.

I certainly didn't want to lose more time by leaving the building to try to find a shoe shop, so in desperation I tried to speak to another waiting "client" who looked like his feet might be the same size as mine and who looked friendly enough. He passed me onto his friend who spoke English, and this guy laughed and told me that if I went out to the back of the building there was a guy who would rent me a pair of shoes! These guys don't miss a trick to make a few pesos! I found the shoe entrepreneur and he removed his filthy tennis shoes and passed them over to me for 200 pesos, keeping my sandals until I returned, which I did a few minutes later after my visit to the inner sanctum. I then wore my sandals for the rest of my stay there, without further complaint or incident.

Beware of stupid rules here is the moral of the story......

Well I am heading back home after 6 months getting my 60 day visa.  Now can someone explain what comes next?  I think I have to go somewhere take a blood test,  do some other stuff and then some more stuff.  Ok can someone fill in the many blanks????   I love you all!!

Next stop ---THe DGM offices on the Malecon....Plaza Des Heroes?

once you deposit the paperwork there... you will be told what/where/when-etc.

The medical needs 10 days wait after to get results -- then you go back to DGM

After residency... a little trip to the cedula office for it... an easy, short visit

If your Spanish is good - give it a try alone.

Good luck

Is this your first or a renewal honey??? This thread is about renewals so the process is different!    IF its your first now is when I would be getting a lawyer.

I'm with Planner.  In the end you will save money unless you happen to be living in Santo Domingo and time is not an issue.

Remember as of 1st April you need an appointment to visit to DGM.

And since this is your first application (residency visa in hand), you should read Uncle Buck's recent post #47 in the 'residency visa delay' thread on his experience very recently.

I don't have a cedula yet so it is not a renewal.  I will go with wifey at first but I am contemplating getting an attorney ... they are a burden but I understand and appreciate the need being one myself.  Thanks for all you all's help and advice.  Makes the journey at little less difficult and much more enjoyable.  Has any one ever told you how great a place this is!!!!   THANKS

Thanks honey.  It's a good group of people here!

wishinguwell :

I don't have a cedula yet so it is not a renewal.  I will go with wifey at first but I am contemplating getting an attorney ... they are a burden but I understand and appreciate the need being one myself.  Thanks for all you all's help and advice.  Makes the journey at little less difficult and much more enjoyable.  Has any one ever told you how great a place this is!!!!   THANKS

My understanding is that the initial deposition of documents is made online using the DGM portal which descibes the process in detail for each type pf application, see below. The options for the different types of application are there on the portal, to include, if you are going the investor or pensioner route.

Of course those with lawyers will have that initial deposition handled by their lawyer. And when your application is checked and complete, a date for the initial visit given. Other persons are advising this takes 3 months or so and the DGM site indicates 45 working days.

I caution you travelling from Bonao to DGM after this week with your wife to find out, because DGM have said it by appointment only from April 1st (see other thread), and aslo they now restrict entry to applicants and their lawyers only unless you need special assistance. A call to DGM first maybe the better option.

'planner' and others correct me if I am wrong. I have always used a lawyer to bypass inconveniences.

Yes you are correct,  spouses,  friends,  drivers etc are not allowed inside to wait with you. I have a friend there right now and the "assistant" I sent is waiting outside.

What if spouses are going together to get same paperwork approved?

Found the notice from DGM in relation access to companions:



The DGM in attempts to ensure better service to its users, reports that as of November 13, restrict access for companions to the institution. Allows the accompaniment of people at risk of health, elderly and accompanying by lawyers when they are duly attorneys. Remember the users and visitors of the DGM, who must attend the institution with proper attire (no shorts, dark calipsos, caps, lenses...).

I am still in Canada.  However I remember reading some info which was recent.  From memory, the first application can only be for 1 year.  After that, depending on how you received your initial tempory residence for 1 year, you can go for a 3 year.  This depends on things like if you are applying for residency due to retirement, marriage, working temporary resident, etc.

You may already know this.

Yes... 1 yr initially and then a variety depending on your individual classification is how I understand it.

Correct me somebody if I'm wrong
Investor category moves quickly....for one....

Normal route is 4 x 1yr renewals then 4yr renewals
after 10 yrs (4 renewals - you can get a 10yr card.

My choice was to go straight to citizenship.... no 10yr..
the 10yr is called a 'definitiva'

The advantage of citizenship is no renewals ever...
handy if you live to 80-85 or so

Well, I had my medical and I guess an interview of sorts more than a week ago.  I went with my attorney and my spouse.  I will tell you my attorney is the absolute best and she knows her way around that place.  Thanks to everyone who recommended Lilly to me!!  I am a former judge and attorney and I know my way around the legal process but there is no way I could have moved through the process as quickly and as effortlessly  (seemingly) as Lilly did and does.  My advice is get your resident visa in your country and don't worry about the type of visa you think you need.  Make sure you have all your paperwork of income verification, birth records and such with certified translations and apostille.  Then come here and contact Lilly.  She knows all the different types of residencies, will explain them and give you the best advice for your situation.  Then she will handle everything and all you have to do is show up when she says to!  This is her contact info:   info[at]   One thing I did not know is that they required me to get a bank account here.  It was not as difficult as I thought because my has had an account here for many years.  It took several days but otherwise it was painless.

As far as cost for residency here are concerned the actual immigration costs to the Minister de migracion is: 1) Deposit of application RD$29,000; 2) Migratory insurance RD$5,865.00; 3) Cedula  RD$4,000.00 plus any other costs such as late application fee and overstay fees (I was late filing so I paid more.  The lawyer fees are at most $1,000.

One can't really know if they want to settle premanently in the dr, unless they've been here a few years.  Thus it's not worth all the hassle and expense of trying to get your green card till, or unless you really do want to stay.  I've seen many who tried for several years, then ended up giving up and selling everything at a loss.  Better to rent a cheap place, minimalist..... till you really know.

Great post and glad Lily is helping you!  Keep us updated on your progress!

I am renewing my residency which expires in August what are the costs, I'm getting a different cost from everyone I speak to, this is my first renewal

Lets see who responds with recent costs.  Most do it with a lawyer so it may be hard to get the fees.

It depends on the type of residency: temporary, permanent, investment. Prices for cédulas renewals did go up recently for most categories.

Investor residency

The fees are listed on the Immigration website. But there are other costs in addition to the Immigration fees.

The additional costs include:

Repatriation Insurance
Certificate of Good Conduct/Criminal History Report
Bank Statements (depending on category)
Medical exam (depending on category)
Late fees in card is expired

I just came from immigration in Santo Domingo and was told I don't need medical for renewal

As I read the current DGM requirements:

First application for temporary residency requires a medical but renewal of temporary residency does not require a medical. Renewal of permanent residency or change to it does require a medical.

Residency through investment requires one year temporary residency before changing to permanent residency otherwise you have 4 more temporary renewals to get permanent residency through other routes.

Check with your lawyer the route you are taking because it appears you are renewing temporary residency.

New DGM Advisory:



Miss your appointment and you get a fine on re-booking new appointment.

That is reasonable.

Just got my renewal 16500RD for residency 4000RD for cedula both good for 2years

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