Ausbildung für Altenpflege (Austria)

Hello guys, so I hope I’ve stumbled to right forum.
I can’t find right infos online, unfortunately, but I hope (again) here somebody can give me right answer.
I know that in Germany exist Ausbildung für Altenpflege Ausländer program, most of my friends are now working in Germany thro this program, but I don’t know does this same program exist in Austria? And if it does, can somebody give me directions where to apply for program, how much it costs and ect.
I found one school which is offering this type of program in Austria, but I can’t find more information about it, or is it even legit.

I speak German btw, but I am posting this in english for sake of bigger audience.

Thank you, Dariona..

I think this is only for Germany. You could get in contact with AMS, I am sure they wwill will be able to tell you.

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