Leaving Hungary


My partner and I have been living (very happily) in Budapest for the last year, but now it is time for us to return home.
I was just wondering if there's anything official we need to do when we leave? We both have EU passports so we haven't needed visas or anything, but we have address cards, tax cards etc.

Someone told me we can just hand these in when we go through passport control at the airport, but I think our flight out of Budapest is to another EU country so maybe we won't go through passport control?

We just want to make sure we're following all the rules!


If you have a bank account in a hungarian bank, you should close it, otherwise  the bank will punish you for the standing expenses.

Go to the local government office and report you are leaving and turn in all your residency paperwork. They will help you take care of the details and forms to fill out.

No, you should not just hand the paperwork over at the airport and expect things to be closed properly and correctly without issue.

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