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I will move to budapest in the next month to complete my study and want to work in my free time so what i want to know if i can rent a space in mall or big shops like great market hall to establish my oun business
thx alot

Yes, you can rent a store.... if the property owner is willing to rent to you and if you can show fiscal ability to pay the rent, or pre-pay for some months (I assume you can do that, and have quite a bit of capital, if you want to rent in a place like the Great Market Hall.....)

But also consider:

1) Check your visa -- if you can work in Hungary and how much.

2) To run a retail store, you often need to take a course and get an OJK certificate or hire a local who has this certificate. More info here: … 32#1531277

3) Do you speak Hungarian? If not, you will need to hire Hungarian speaking staff.

4) You will need to contact a lawyer to setup your company, and hire an accountant, both required for all business types.

5) Learn and follow all the on site retail rules appropriate for your business type (food service, for example, has many, many rules). For example, new rules for businesses regarding how retail transactions need to be now done electronically. Fines can be heavy for not following the rules.

Those are just some of the things to consider. There are more.

thank you there is so many helpfull detailes in your reply . is this rules applied on all shops because things are more difficult than.i thought as a result I dont want that huge space to occupy  all what I am asking for is a small kiosk 4×4 m to put it in crowded street and sell my products  do i still need what you have mentioned in your reply

waseem2018 :

what I am asking for is a small kiosk 4×4 m to put it in crowded street and sell my products  do i still need what you have mentioned in your reply

To put up a kiosk on a street you need permission from the local government. And they will most likely ask all the business details I mentioned.

One option is some table or ground space at one of the smaller local flea markets. Those are usually active in the mornings in the summer on some days each week. Less common or not active at all in the winter.

thank you very much

Yes, a boot sale or swap meet setting is the easiest to do here in HU.
There used to be one held every weekend in the city park but that's long gone.
Budaors still has one but it's not very busy.
We tried to unload some household items years back and I don't even remember one sale. Did these  swap meets in Albq. NM 25 years ago , mostly sold childrens new clothing and household items that were new, left overs from our failed Hungarian/US import Export business.
Sold like crazy, it was even worth going for a half day of sales in the snow.
Never left without an extra 3 to 4 hundred in cash for the day.
Some days my husband did trades with native women for children's clothing, I have a ton of silver now!
Here in HU things have to be super super cheap or it's a no sale.
Lots of used clothing and junk at the Budaors place.
It is located near the go cart area.
Forgot how much it costs per day for a stall, not too much though a few thousand forints, oh, yes that's right, we came home even made enough to pay for entry for the day !
There are other swap meet area but some are just for antique items.


I would like to ask you if you know a lawer to run this bessiness because i went to the local government and they insiste that i should do this as a company not as an  individual person i dont know this look difficult they told me that i need so up to 3 certificate so hiring a good lawer could save me

waseem2018 :

I would like to ask you if you know a lawer to run this bessiness

You need a lawyer to register your business, but no lawyer will run your business. Businesses requires special licenses and permits as I already stated. A lawyer is unlikely to have those.

You will need to hire a store or business manager with the proper store or business permits. And that will be difficult to find. But as one thought, try advertising on Linkedin.

Thank you man , i will try advertising

Once again a new restaurant has opened near us.
In the last 12 years it was a local drinking bar, a Mexican restaurant, a ice cream desert shop and now it is a Vietnam restaurant.
It was empty for very long periods between grand openings.
The only time it was busy was when it was a locals drinking bar.
Located on Rottenbiller in the 7th.
Size is large enough but it is just off a major blvd . and most foot traffic is not tourist on the part of the street. A large hotel is on the same block but this shop is semi-hidden on the corner.
Be sure to look into the past leases if possible of any business you decide to open.
A history of short leases should be a warning sign.
Not sure how long business leases must be but I'd guess at least one year .
I opened up my beauty salon many ears ago without fully doing my background work on the building and area.
They were super flexible with not asking for a long term lease or deposit. Found out why later when I opened up for business.
Busy traffic area but not a lot of foot traffic.
You should check out any areas in person at different times of the day to see how other close by businesses are doing.
A busy area doesn't always mean people in the area have the money or desire for your product.
In our close area we have seen so many shops come and go for a  block area. Some shops have changed hands many times over the years, not a good sign.

Thank yoi for your commrnt but actually my problem isn't in space or place I went to local government and they asked  for company papers and certificates to do this small investment . I dont think this complications would help the hungarian Economey in many places even in development countries run small bussiness like ICE cream shop does not required all these papers and certificates

Good luck then, dealing with paperwork etc. here is a nightmare.

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