Verification of Hungarian Citizenship (by descent)

Hi Everyone,

I will try to keep this as concise as possible! I am an Australian Citizen. Not too long ago I found out I have Hungarian blood (my grandparents on my fathers side were both born in Hungary).

Whilst on a working holiday visa in London - May 2016 I applied at the London Hungarian Consulate for Verification of Citizenship. I supplied all documentation required for this process.

Fast forward to August 2017, I am advised my case has now been put forward for Registration of Birth.

20 months on from initial application in London (December 2017) I write to the consulate asking if there is any news on my case. I am advised that it is still processing the birth registration, and that my case is a difficult one due to my grandparents having never married (despite both still being Hungarian citizens). They have asked me to contact them in late January 2018 regarding my case.

Can I ask from other's personal experience - would it be looking positive at this stage that I will receive my Hungarian Citizenship? I know each case is unique, however after nearly 2 years of waiting I am just really hoping I wont be left with disheartening news. It means the world to me.

**Please know my application didn't include applying for a passport... that will be the next step after this process.

There's really not much you can do at this stage except fret and stew, but if you look in the long thread here on Simplified Naturalization I believe there are some posts regarding a similar problem.

Hi Zif,

Thanks for your response. My case differs due to it not being Simplified Naturalization and instead Verification of Citizenship. I know this can take twice as long as everything (my documentation and lineage) requires to be verified.

Just trying to determine if others have experienced the process I have had to, and if a case can only be put forward for Birth Registration once the individual has been deemed a Hungarian Citizen!

I wasn't clear. I meant that unmarried parents/grandparents should raise similar issues whether it's verification or simplified naturalization: in both cases you need to demonstrate satisfactory lineage. I recall that the poster in the other thread had a lot of difficulties because there was no marriage certificate before birth.

Again, not much you can do, except be aware that if there are out-of-wedlock births in your chain approval will be more involved.

I also think it will be a bit more hassle but don't give up.
Our son was given my surname when he was born and we didn't legally marry until he was 2 years old.
Had all papers though when we applied for his HU citizenship, court papers showing he had a legal name change to his father's surname, marriage papers for us etc.
We submitted everything through the HU embassy in S. Ca.
Was done 25 years back or more but if memory serves me, it was given to him within a few months time. Of course back then Hungary was still communist and not many people were applying for citizenship from the west.

From experience I can say that the consular departments don't know anything and cannot help you. The only way you can find out the current status of your request for the verification of your Hungarian citizenship is calling the Budapest Metropolitan Offices, Department of Citizenship and Registry, 00-361-5501221 and talk to the actual registrar who is sitting on your request. Sorry, but for this-if you don't speak Hungarian- find one who does. Nobody will be ready to give out any info in English. Not many Hun. gov. officials know English.
First they will ask your name, date of birth, city of birth, maybe if you have already know your request's system number.
He or she will tell you the status .
I hope I could help.


im in a similar situation to you regarding your family
so hopefully i get a yes to verification and registration of my birth

Hello I received my verification letter (by way of the local Hungarian Consulate) today! I  am Hungarian by way of proving my father is a Hungarian citizen.

It took 11 months to get official word back from Budapest to my local Consulate.

I am scheduled to go in for my HU passport in September. So excited!

Just letting everyone know i finally got my birth extract and a residence card in the mail today from the consulate not a verification letter for some reason

its been a long journey i remember applying 1 year 3 months ago but it finally is done

so i have asked the consulate to schedual a passport appointment so i can get that issued

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