Holiday food in Dominican Republic


End of year holidays around the world are such an exciting time of the year, with holiday food playing a big part of the traditions and celebrations.

What are some traditions surrounding holiday meals in Dominican Republic?

Tell us about a few of the traditional holiday dishes and meals in Dominican Republic.

What are some of your favourites?

Are the food that are consumed during the festive season easy to prepare at home, or do most people buy them at the store?

Are holiday meals a big family festivity in Dominican Republic?

Is there a general budget that people allocate to holiday meals?

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Again a good topic.

I love the holidays, Christmas and the New Year celebration.

Christmas dinner is the 24th. It is a celebration of family and community. Food is whatever the budget will allow. Pork, chicken, and many many side dishes.

New Years eve us the same. Again depending on budget!

Alcohol, music and dancing are an integral part of festivities.

Here we will start celebrating about December 15 and conclude about January 7.

Christmas isn't about presents and commercialism, usually it's about a new outfit for all.

Gifts are on 3 Kings Day on January 6th. One per child if the budget allows.

Christmas day and new years day are for recovering, continuing the party and for dancing.

Some, very few, celebrate with a more North American flavor.

Labor law has employees receive a 13th paycheck equal to 1/12 of annual earnings. That fuels the holidays and partying.  Be careful buying anything in December, prices often go up for big ticket items!

Special dishes and cooking - anyone who knows me is laughing! I am not cooking, I am out Dancing!!  I have been known to dance 10 hours on Christmas Day! Who wants to join me this year?

Puerco asado, whole roasted pig, is the tradition on 24th of December in much od DR. You will find people roasted pigs on the side of the roads all over the counyry on this day.

There are places where you can order a full roasted pig where they prepare them in their dozens together over a large fire. We've bought a whole roasted pig to order from the small businesses alongside Autopista Duarte at the turn to San Fransisco de Macoris. They have sheds at the back with loads of pigs being roasted at this time of year, go see. Yucca is a favorite side.

And along the the eating of the pig in the latter part of the day there will be much merriment with rum, beer, music and dance.

The 24th in the campo is an experience of Dominican culture to savour. Simple family and community enjoyment. Best of DR.

I agree parties in the Campo or countryside are amazing. That is the true spirit of the holidays!!!

Here we can make a party absolutely anywhere!!!

I do not eat the roasted pig! It has never agreed with me and I suffer!!!

Here is a translated article about how the roasted pig became the seasonal holiday food roasted on a pole (puerco a la/en puya) with the recipe how they season the pig. … rev=search

And a video of rows of pigs being prepared for the festivities: … 152367716/

Nochebuena is almost upon us and already this morning there are plenty of impromptu stalls selling 'puerco en puya' (roasted pig on a pole) along one of the main east west corridors, Av. Independencia, in Santo Domingo.

It has been a chaotic past few days in the capital with shops and roads jam packed and this morning is no different as people pack the supermarkets buying the last few things for the partying that begins this afternoon and they join those trying to get out to the campo to their loved ones.

My wife is preparing some simple side dishes to take to her fathers later in the day on the edge of the capital where a couple of pigs are already being turned. She has merengue playing so the party atmosphere is building. I will most likely do the early shift over there and enjoy partying colmado style. Hope the rain keeps away!

It started days and days ago with pugs being sold along the side of the road,  blocking already congested roads! 

Near me they partied until 5:45 am!  Yup I am tired today.

Will be skipping Christmas now and hiding at home! Later tomorrow we go out Dancing!

Bad time for pigs right now.

Roasted pig on the pole could be seen everywhere alongside the roads of the capital again today ready as I drove around ready for the nights festivities.

Yesterday I was sat in a colmado in deep campo  in the afternoon enjoying a cold beer whilst having my eardrums massaged by loud music, when 3 lads in a small truck with cage on the back drew alongside on the dirt track and jumped out and headed into the forested plot opposite. Some squeels could then be heard above the loud music and two nicely fattened pigs were then hauled agianst their wishes with rope and bundled into the back of the truck. The comment was made that within short time they would be lanced with a pole and be spit roasted overnight for today.

The pig population of DR must take a big hit during these days for the enjoyment of many!

All the best for the New Year to all here on this forum. DR is the destination!

Yes tonight is pretty much a repeat of Christmas eve.  Many are home with family forgot of food and drinking. Then at 12:10 they will hit the road heading to the local bar, Colmado etc where they will party till 4 am or so.

No thanks.

Be aware of guns going off at midnight! It's a stupid habit that gets people killed

i stay indoors. as the old bromide reminds, nothing good happens outdoors after midnight.

I am home with a bottle of champagne and Netflix.

Bird Box is excellent! On Netflix now. Happy New Year!

Oh hell no, I am not scaring myself hahahaha!

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