Type D visa to residence permit, Cologne

Hello All - I have been offered a contract and would be moving to Cologne, Germany in Jan 2019 and need some advise.
I have been issued a Type-D visa along with a work permit, however the type-D visa is only valid for 3 months. I need to extend it/apply for a residence permit once I am there, can someone tell me the process to do the same and what are the required documents and pre-requisites? I would really appreciate any help int this matter.

Yes you need to apply for a residence permit:

All information is available in the official website of Cologne city administration: https://www.stadt-koeln.de/  (It is of course in German,. You may use your browser to auto translate it)

Making an appointment:

https://termine-online.stadt-koeln.de/i … |5|6|7|8|9

Thank you for your reply. I'll go through these links

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