I am looking for job leads to teach English

Hello all,

I am in the US in Utah, planning to winter in Guinea-Bissau, and in Spring I am hoping to move to Morocco to teach English. I am looking for job leads to teach English to adults and children in Rabat or Myerarrakesh. Any ideas for me?
Marit Snow Saw

Hi Mari, My name is Debbie nice to meet you, I have a friend that lives in Rabat, she's from Utah also her name is Catherine , I'm on fb get in touch with me I live in Morocco also but, on my fb I'm Debbie Walker I live in Marseilles, France  get in touch with me, there's a lot of American Schools here,  Do you have Whatsup app, give me your phone number so I can add you after you get Whatsup,have a nice day

Hi I came to The Rabat area from St George so I know Utah There are always needs for English teachers or tutors in Morocco.  In fact a brand new school being built in  Rabat. 

You will have to research and if you are a language teacher in Utah you will have no problems finding work

Get back to me and we can talk more.


Hi all aswel as American there are now English schools and centres opening.
I am in Tanger and is plenty of work there too?

Berlitz the largest worldwide language provider is also in Morroco , Casablanca, Rabat and just recently in Tanger.

Anyone interested please let me know or private message me and I can help if possible. That inckudes all native languages not only English looking for German and French.

Good luck

hi can i apply?im filipino.

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