Where the local tax service in Ruzinov municipal lacated?

Hi everybody

Can someone please inform me, where the nearest tax service in Ruzinov municipal located? I liked to know, so I can take a tax identification number for the upcoming tax in 2019. And, if is possible, does anyone knows how to find a good consultant on this topic, someone with plenty experience with foreigners (what is going to cost me?) Or should I contact with my embassy on this topic to see what they can say me?


Please, your answers, should be directly on my email (andreasbalaskas121@yahoo.gr)

Thank you very much!!

Hi, there is "daňový úrad" in Ruinov at the adress:
Doktor Vladimíra Clementisa 3222/10, 821 02 Bratislava

Maybe you should try this facebook group: