Taxation for self employed


I have recently moved to Slovakia with a number of teaching jobs lined up. As schools will only employ you at first if you are registered as self employed.   Can anyone advise on the procedure?   In addition, is it also true that the first year is tax free?

I'm currently going through the same situation at the moment, I believe you have to first get your residency card, also get a CRB check done from England and get it signed and stamped then take it to a notary service to get it official over here. Also you will need health insurance before you can register as self employed. I hope this is right as this is the steps I'm taking

Yes.  Very much the same but in a slightly different order.  I obtained the CBR check whilst in England and had to have it officially translated here in Slovakia.  I then went to te Alien Police to register for Residency.  Once I get the card I then have 30 days to obtain insurance and show this to the Police.   Whilst this is happening I applying for self employment through an accountant.   

Fingers crossed it all goes well as I am unable to start teaching until I have these.

I hope it goes well for you.