Apartments to rent?

in next 2 months i will be arrivin in Rio to work. I will be there approximately 1 year. any web to look for apartments to rent? also, where can i look for a car - leasing?

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I suggest you to have a look at the Rio de Janeiro classifieds > accommodation section and post an advert there as well.

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I find to be very helpful when looking for real estate, cars, and so on.

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I'm not sure of the situation in Rio de Janeiro, but if their state laws are the same as São Paulo you will not be able to find a Rental Contract for a period less than 30 months, short-term rentals have virtually been legislated out of existance because of the new laws. However, you might still be able to find a shorter term, 1 year for example, by renting directly from the property owner and not through a realtor. You will certainly have more success at doing this if you have the ability to pay for the whole year in advance, as I did in the past. This also cuts through all the red tape and often gets you a reduced rent as well (sort of a discount).

Renting through realtors here in Brazil most often involves producing stacks of documents they request and jumping through all kinds of hoops, paying 2 or 3 months rent as a deposit (which is discounted at the end of the rental contract)or having a guarantor accept responsability should you fail to pay the rent, or purchase of Rental Insurance.

If you can afford to do it, come to Brazil and plan to stay in a hotel or pousada for a while, look around for a private rental... the owners usually post signs on the property with a contact number. Ask everybody you can if they know of anything for rent, and just hope for the best.

Remember, MONEY TALKS and it talks real loud here... if you make an offer of paying 6 months or a year of rent, cash in advance you certainly will find something. Just make sure you have a written contract, receipts and all the documents to prove you have paid.


Hi Vicfau,
about your accommodation: Please, keep some things in mind.

Look for something in a location close to your job which is not at the opposite site of the city.

Second: There is a law in Brazil which devides the rental contracts in short term and long term. The limit is one year. Many owners don't like to offer apartments for one year contracts without knowing the person. This is because after the period of one year, the person in the apartment gets the right to stay.
So, you might better look for an apartment for the first period (like two or three months) and sign a contract later.

Be sure about your arrival. If you arrive after Sept., nobody likes to rent apartments for long term periods in oder to get an extra money from New Year and Carnival.

If you need some more advices, just ask...

I also work with apartments here in Rio. You can find some examples on my website:

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Hi! I've been in Rio since January with the exact same situation. I wanted to stay and rent an apartment for a year. It is possible to find one year rentals, but very difficult. Part of the problem is that rental terms are usually for 30 months. Contrastingly, short term rentals are generally for a max of 3 or 6 months. This is because they want the option to charge higher prices at Revellion and Carnaval. That being said, it's still possible but know that you'll be paying for it. The avg studio price in Zona Sul is about R$2000 and going up daily.

The BEST way to find a place in Rio is by networking. That's how I found mine, through a friend of a friend. Go to InterNations and CouchSurfing events and post on the forums. Also check out and You might also want to consider sharing with another professional. Just something to think about. Good luck and send me a PM if you need more help or info!