Real Estate agents - rental


We are going to Rio in a couple of weeks to visit.  Does anyone know of a real estate agent that they would recommend?

And a real estate site online.  I cannot seem to find much.  Do you think there are plenty of places to rent?

Thank you.

IŽll check with some friends...

You could try this site:

It's U.S.-owned and operated, based out of Buenos Aires.

Good luck,


Dear Sea Angel,

I hope your move went well.  Did you have any luck finding a rental agency that you would recommend?  We are planning a move and would appreciate any advice.


Hi nhoover,

Thank goodness my husband's company is pulling out of Rio -- Brazil.  I went in April and it was nice, but I really did not want to live there.  It is so expensive and did not care for not feeling safe.  So I am happy.

We were in Libya and that was ridiculously expensive too -- the housing just like Rio.

Looks like South Korea is in the horizan.  I am excited about that.

Good luck.