To bring or not to bring: Appliances?


I have heard from expats that it is worth bringing appliances.  My husband and I are moving to Rio in March and his company is paying to ship everything for our relocation.    We are looking at renting an apartment, but few comes with fridges, stoves, etc.    We have looked at appliances in Brazil and they are extremely expensive.  If we can find similar bands in the US is it worth bringing them?   Any advice or recommendations on brands would be appreciated!


If you can find compatible appliances it would be much the best thing to bring them from the USA to Rio, especially since your not footing the shipping costs yourselves. Im in London and were moving also in March, my contacts in Rio have quoted me prices for appliances/ kitchen ware/ quality beds and furniture and Rio is more expensive than London by about 30% and the USA is probably about 30% cheaper for the same products as London.

I brought my apliances in 2008 from Houston and it was totally worth it. Saved a lot of Money. Brought Refigerator, TVS, dishwasher and washing machine. plus a lot of small apliances.

One word of caution is thta apartments are really small so you have to chouse the samller kitchen apliances that you can find. I could never install the dishwasher and had to sell it. I made good money on it though.

The cost of apliances and electrinics in Brazil are double of what you find them in the states.

Thanks so much Faina!    I wondered about the dishwasher but at least I know that if we bring it we can sell. Any recommendations on brands?  We have been looking at GE but it seems that some of the GE models are not available in Brazil but GE is in Brazil. We are open to any brands but would like to make sure that at least they might be able to be serviced there.