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Maracana Stadium apartments available ???

I think you're going to find it virtually impossible to find any kind of short-term accommodations anywhere in Rio right now. With only two months until the beginning of the FIFA World Cup all available accommodations have been booked up for months. Perhaps you might have better luck if you look for something in surrounding cities, Rio is going to be a daunting chore!

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

I saw a guy posting a shoebox type apartment close to Maracana (4.2 km!   :/ ) for a whopping R$ 250 per person per day I guess you could cram 3 people in the shoebox for R$ 750  :D

Whoever said that ROBBERY was against the law???  :/

We have an apartment to rent in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro. 2 rooms, 2 baths, saloon, kitchen, totally renewed and completely furnished, including air conditioning, tv, wifi. Walk to beach, to Botanic Garden, to best Restaurants and Supermarket, bus and bus-metro. More details please send us e-mail.

Hello carlos vaz > i invite you to post an ad for your apartment in the housing in Rio de Janeiro section. Thank you