Best Places to Live in Rio Without Spending A Fortune... And ``Oh yes,

ItŽs terribly expensive here now. Rio has the shape of a crazy anaconda.... Lots of curvy skinny parts and then that lump where she just ate a baby cow. People want to be close to Copacabana or Ipanema because that is where they hear is best from the tourism industry, but the best places to stay are farther out of town to the west. The communities of Friguesia, Barra de Tijuca, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, and Vargen Grande and Jacarepagua are what are trending now. There is construction all over the place! The buses take forever. When you want to come for a short visit you will want to see the sites, but when you want to live hear for a long time you will want the best quality of life. It is not necessary to go all the way to downtown to find a job. The biggest companies are moving their offices out of the center to Barra. Jacarepagua is where Globo Television and Record TV are located. The new Olympic Village will be constructed near the Formula One Racetrack, behind Barra on the frontage road to Vargem Grande and Vargem Pequena. If you find Pontal Do Recreio you will have found the power point...the magic pyramid... the wave that breaks right off the east side of Pontal is one of the best in the country. Start here by locating Jeronimo Telles and his surf school. It is at Pontal. After your lesson, ask him about the best places to stay... Tell him you heard it from the Gringo!

I tot agree with you. Recreio is a great place to live.  I moved here three weeks ago from Denver, Colorado and I am loving it. The beach is very clean and safe.  Even the not so great part of Recreio is safe.  I love hanging out at Terreirao. Thanks for sharing some interesting to do around here, I will definitely check them out.

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Hola soy Española y mi familia y yo estamos pensando en ir a vivir a rio; aqui en madrid tenemos una empresa de hosteleria y nos gustaria montar un restaurante por alguna zona de rio;no sabemos donde podemos vivir cual seria la mejor zona pues tengo dos niñas pequeñas;queremos seguridad y comodidad a la hora de hacer compras que no este muy lejos de la playa,colegios,hospitales,etc; pero claro que no nos salga carisimo,si nos puedes aconsejar alguna zona,se lo agradeceria mucho ya que no conocemos nada, un saludo y muchas gracias.

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Hi, so you say that jobs are more easily found in the outskirts of Rio?? Bye and thanks for sharing

hi! I am coming to Rio to study at UFRJ and, if I have spotted the Uni of the map, I am totally clueless about where I should look for a place (or a room in a flatshare). I don't want to spend forever in commuting, but i'd like to live in an exciting area, rather cheap and, if I can, far away from tourists. Is that possible? What sort of price range should I expect?
Thanks for your help!