British family moving to Brazil

Hello All

We are a british expat family currently residing in Azerbaijan And will be emigrating to Brazil with my family in July this year. We will most likely end up living in Zona Sul due to my work location. I'm looking for information on where the majority of English speaking ( we are learning Portuguese but slowly) families live and what are the preferred schools for expat children.



Hi Dan,

Welcome to Expat-blog, hope that your experience here will be both enjoyable and informative. Do take some time to go through all the topic threads with a STICKY at the top of the first Brazil Forum page, they're full of the sort of information you're going to need to make a successful transition to living here.

Are you going to be living in Zona Sul - Rio or Zona Sul - São Paulo, knowing the city really helps. Don't worry about the slip, even Brazilians do it all the time... half of them have the idea on Rio exists and the other half that the only city in the whole nation is "Sampa".

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

Hi William

It will be Zona Sul in Rio!