Young mamma, new here!

Hi, I'm Fanie, stay at home mamma to Charles, 14 months old.

I'm currently living in Rome, (San Giovani Basilica area).I'm from Canada and going back in a week, but I'll come back in Rome at the end of june.

I'm looking to make friends, see people and learn to know the city. I speak french and english and want to learn italian langage. If anybody have children, it would be great to have "play dates" with them and my son!

So I think that's it!



Welcome on Fa :)

i live in the area and know lots of ppl who live here... not many babies tho. drop a note when u r back :)

I'm there!

Hi Fanie!

I'm canadian too! Where are you from? I'm going back to Toronto in a couple of weeks for a couple of weeks and will be back in end of June as well.

check out the

I'm a member, but you don't have to be a member to attend events and get to know people. Its a laid back group with some members (like myself) who are relatively new to Rome. They go on hiaitus (like most of Rome) for the months of July and AUgust but will start back up with events in September.

I hope to meet you before then! keep in touch!


Sorry I haven't replied before. Finally we're not going back to Rome :(

We just moved to Chicago 2 weeks ago. I hope to go back to Italy sometime!