Looking seriously for new friends!

Well yeas,I'm looking for new friends,the nationality is not important.Im a 27 year old girl,enable to talk in Italian (not very well though) my English is much more better!
I enjoy fooling around with nice people,girls and guys.I also enjoy eating,laughing,photography,and I hate museums and borring art galeries!I love nothing more than the animals.
I need real friends!so drop me a line!

i want be your freind but im in tunisia

well thank you :)

not at all ...so u are ok in italia ??

yep,its a nice country

Hello TheBlackElk.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)


Hi Aurélie,
Thank you very much.

hi i am sabbir from Bangladesh . last two years i was in Scotland. now i am living in rome . i al also looking for good friend . if u dont mind can u have a coffee with me
my fb id is SABBIR BD my email id [email protected]

hi, i want to be your friend, i'm in Milan

Hi Veronica,thats fantastic.Lets be friends!
How old are you?

i'm, 27 years old. now i'm in my hometown - vietnam, i will go to italy on july

Hi blackelk,

What part of Italy are you in? I'm living in the south at the moment, and I'm roughly the same age as you


@Mario, please for better visibility, lower Caps Lock when writing on the forum.;)


hei mario am 30 am a cameroonian will like you to be my friend i live in Rome.my e mail is [email protected] back to me if you interested.I speak English,French,and attend Italian classes at moment,ciao

Hi would like to be your friend,I live in Italy but in piemonte,pontestura,Am also seriously looking for friends

Hi Brenda,its nice to see your message.So lets be friends :)
How old are you?

Hey Navajo! I like your nick name :)

Hi hannah83;
I live in Rome.Nice to see you here.

Thtas nice,were waiting for you here :)

Ciao!! I am Aimee and I live in Rome. I'm always looking for new friends :) let me know if you'd like to meet for a coffee or something some time

Hi Aimee,sure.I'd love to :)

Hi all,
let's be friends!
I live in Rome and always open to meet new nice people.
Let's have a coffe, aperitives, concerts, art galleries, music live!
Please get in touch!

Hello BlackElk

Which city you now
me planning to visit Florance
may be we have cup of tea
Wish you good day
Plz reply

Hi BlackElk,

I'm Italian and living in Rome. Would you like to meet new nice people?
Ciao Andrea

Hello everyone,

Please pay attention that it's not a dating forum!
Thank you for your comprehension.


HI I am living in Germany Hamburg , would like to make friends from different continents , I will be happy get message from Italy :)

Who would like to meet up tomorrow night? I am from New York and now living in Rome.

Is anyone interested in meeting up Tuesday June 18th at  REC23 (Testaccio) Piazza dell'Emporio 2. They have a great aperitif - I can get there for 8pm tomorrow. Anyone else?

I niccobella and guys

I'm going to Rome tomorrow for a weeK. So if you are organizing some aperitif, let me know or we can plan as well. What do you think this Tuesday 24th or 25th?

There is a meet up on Tuesday June 25th tomorrow on Isola tiberina at Bacco in tevere and also a picnic at villa borghese on friday from 12-3pm if you like to join us.

hi black elk J'd like to be your friend J'm in ravenna italy
J need someone to chat with with my english so J won't forget it

Hi BlackElk

I'm an architect at 30 who loves almost everything you hate :) Boring museums, art galleries, Historical places, drawing hyperrealistic portraits for hours with a great patience etc. I can be one of the most boring person ever on daylight. So I can only dare u to ask some places for the Rome nights. I'll be in Rome after the end of August. Any suggestions for the Rome nights? e.g. Place/Club/Food/Drink? :P

Hello guys, my name is George I will have Rome trip from 22nd-25th August,2013 before i go to Stockholm for a week, I am an Events Organizer and i love to explore each city and taste the best of it, I am looking for some friends who can join me for sometimes during my 3 days for city tours, activites and some restaurant and nightclub, if interested drop me a line and i will send you my contact details....Cheers and keep smiling

Hi Aimee,

I am George and going to Rome on 22nd August, are you in for meeting up?

Anyone want to meet up tonight for an aperitivo email me. I am going to go to Expats living in Rome event tonight. Ciao

Hello guys,

I will be coming on 22nd August and know noboday there and so I am looking for some friends to meet and do Language exchange, I speak Arabic and English

Anyone want to hang out tomorrow night? Friday August 23rd? Send me a message.

Hey!! I'm 23 I'm moving to Rome at ends of Nov!!! Ahh!!! Excited!! Freaked out just a bit!! Haha :)

Welcome!I bet it will be a pleasant experience for you :)

I am looking for a room mate if you havent' found a place I have a nice place all new-- in San Giovanni. Extra room available Nov 15th. Let me know.