Italian (free) lessons !

I'm an italian mothertongue living in Rome.
I am keen on studying foreign languages (a kind of hobby for me!)
well, if you're an english speaker willing to improve your italian (for free, of course!) just post a message so we can put in touch.
Tell me if you're more interested in grammar, conversation or maybeboth...
By my side, I would really like having some talk in english (just to "remove some rust" and keep myself fluent)..

Hi sirimarco and welcome to!

I invite you to post an advert in Rome classifieds, it may help.;)


Thanks Harmonie,
the adverts ection is of course more appropriate!
just posted it!

sirimarco thank you body ;) where is it and when you do it may I know please? take care ciao

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count on me...

I am looking forward to learn Italian too...

drop me a message....

i live in Rome and am free on weekends...

my name is Ahmed .i am Egyptian and i can speak Italian fluent and English as well .so if you 'd like to improve your English .i can help you with that.
my e-mail is [email protected]
i am ready any time to do it
I'll be waiting for you

hi, i am interested in learing italian and would be able to exchange with chinese and english :)

Hello - I'm Collette living in Pizzo, Calabria & although I start Italian lessons on Tuesday I would like to learn as much as possible very soon.  My teacher is quite slow at speaking & I find it hard to understand her as she has a very strong accent.  Maybe we can help each other.

Best wishes Arriverderci

Ciao. Sono un filippine. Vorrei imparare la lingua italiana. Spero qualcuno puo aiutarmi.

Hi frescoph,

Welcome to Expat-Blog :)

Can you please keep it in English on the English Forum so as the other members can understand your post :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

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