Expat blog gatherings in Rome

Hi all!

What about meeting the other Rome Expat.com members in real life? Organizing an Expat.com meet up would be an excellent way to know them! :)

An Expat.com meet up can be a diner gathering, having coffee, a bring and share in a nice place, a cultural or sports activity, etc. There are plenty of possibilities: just imagine a pleasant way to meet new people and old friends from Expat.com.

Feel free to organize Expat.com get-togethers in Rome: you would meet the other members in a friendly atmosphere and have a good time together!

Of course, we could offer some help to organize your meet up and to inform the community.

So, who's in? Do not hesitate to start a new thread to suggest an Expat.com gathering in Rome. ;)



I'd love to join in, if anyone's organizing! :D

hi, its a great idea to have gatherings and meet all the members of expat log. im in, but who will organize?:)

I agree that this would be great and would love to meet fellow expats and bloggers, but I don't feel qualified to organize.  Does anyone have any ideas?


Hi all,

Check out this group on Facebook:  facebook.com/groups/327808647237394.  It is for bloggers in Rome, and most of us are expats.  Events and meet-ups are usually organized monthly.  Hope to meet you all at some of the upcoming events.  Ciao! :-)

Would be keen to join as well!

I'm moving to Rome at the end of August and would love to join the expat meet ups!

Hello all.

An Expat.com meet up would be great! :)

Do not hesitate to propose a date, an hour and a place.

PS: The date should be given 2 or 3 weeks in advance so as to have a maximum of participants. :)

Thank you,

If you want any help to organize a meet up for Rome I can help with that.


Hi Patty,

Maybe you could suggest a place , a date and a time?

We can meet on Tuesday or Thursday night on Isola Tiberina - Tiber Island now that it is open for the summer. Lets say 8:30pm? Let me know I can call to RSVP for us. There are 2 venues there that are fantastic for small meet ups. Thank you

If anyone is interested tonight Tuesday July 10th  we are meeting up at 8:30pm for Happy  hour and do English, Italian, Spanish, & French language exchange on isola Tiberina at Havana club. Everyone is welcome. Ciao

I try to meet up for language exchange and meet people often. What about Thursday 12th or next week? Isola tiberina?

Tartadequeso wrote:

Thursday 12th is good, but after 9:30pm... Would that be OK?

That is a little late because I am in the center at 7.30pm can we meet on Tuesday July 17th at 8pm?

well this post is dated June and maybe you already met in Isola Tiberina? I ll be happy to join next time

hello everyone, I'm Cristina and I'm from Romania. I'm interesting in meeting others expats and share experience

Meet up on every Tuesday night with "Expats living in Rome"- Tuesday October 23rd at REC23 Piazza dell'Emporio 2 @8:30pm. If anyone is interested we can meet there,


i think i would come. Cristina

Cool see you there.

Hi Julien

I am very interested in meetups in Rome,but I am not due to move out there until September 1st 2013! However, these will be very usueful for me as I will not know ANYBODY in Rome! Please let me know if there are any future meetups planned and of course I'll be posting next year!
All the best,

Ciao Rowena, benvenuta a Roma (9 mesi in anticipo)!
Not to worry, there are many expat groups and chances to mingle and network in Rome. Just bring a smile and a couple of friendly phrases in Italian and you'll do well.
If you're interested in teaching English in Rome, as I saw from your profile, then feel free to contact me directly a couple of months before your departure date.
A dopo,

Anyone up to meeting up for drinks or Aperitivo on Tuesday night (Feb 5th)? let me know.