How to make friends in Rome

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals or expatriates) when you're living in Rome :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Rome??

Thanks in advance for your participation

okay, I've just arrived in Rome and would like to make new friends.  I was hoping to find an expat group that meets at local bars on a regular basis.  I made lots of friends in Zurich this way when I moved there.  But so far I haven't seen any expat groups with regular meetups.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I think that best way to make friends while in Rome is to find an expat meet up there are a few this one is one I recommend cuz they help with finding work, housing, and advice. Hope that helps.


you can contact

On which one have you been in Zurich?

Good luck!



take language lessons. you meet new ex-pats there, and learn how to speak the you can soon be friends with italians too.

Hello to all,

I am also looking for pearls of wisdom, on where to meet expats in Rome?

I am looking to meet new friends.

All info is welcome



there are several meet up groups ( and there is an American group that organizes a cocktail every first friday of the month which I go to once in a while as well. Its not just for Americans. (American International Club of Rome).

There is also, the rome group organizes several events.

These are just the ones I know, But I too would like to learn about more and get out more.


am looking too

I'm looking too!!! I live in Latina, just outside of Rome, where there is very few people able or willing to speak English. It gets extremely lonely only having my boyfriend to talk to. Getting desperate, help!!!

Can't u move from latina? It is not a great place to live if u r not italian!

Unfortunately not. My boyfriends company is based in Latina so all his clients are in or around the area. Of course I'm trying to learn the language but it takes time. Driving to Rome to make friends is well worth it for me, beats the isolation I'm experiencing now!

Then drive to rome when u can! :)

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Thanks you for your kind comprehension.

Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Delphine, sono di Bruxelles e vorrei incontrare delle persone che  si sono trasferite a Roma. Fatemi sapere e Buon Ferragosto a tutti ;-)

Hellooo, m'y name is Delphine,I'm from Brussels and I would like to meet some people who moved to Rome. Let me know ;-)

Hi delph_opc!

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Hi Jill,

I hope all is well with you.

My friend and I may come to Latina Italy in the next month or so, from England  (depends on the job situation). Is it really hard to meet people there? You made friends yet? Do you recommend things to do there?



Hi Sara,

You will discover that Latina is not really an exciting city, but people are - let's say - genuine. It will be hard to find some people able to speak english but don't be scared, you're not going to hell! I'm sure you will have fun!
PS I come from a small town which is inbetween Rome and Latina, now I'm based in India, drop me a line when you'll be in Latina and if I'll be there it'll be a pleasure to meet you and your boyfriend

Hi, I'm an expat who came to Rome for vacation. I'm looking for someone to join me to know more about Rome and have a good time.

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I think the best way to make friendship with locals to have nice healthy conversations with them and meet them often. Which I guess will happen happen if you know any meeting places for expats or something like that

Hello I will arrive Rome in June would like to meet new friends who speak english also.