Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! i'm an italian girl who lives near Rome, I'm looking for new friends to speak english or french! if you wanna talk..please contact meee :D

Hi Tellina and welcome to Expat.com!

Hope that you'll get a lot of nice contacts here.;)

Do not hesitate to take a look at the Francophone forum.


hi, i will be in rome for edays from 20th october and then will.go.to gissi for bussiness. it would be.nice to meet you in rome

Hey Tellina,
Im looking for Italian friends cause Im gonna stay here for atleast a couple of years.we can organize a coffee afternoon ;)

hello telina,

im going to rome on 8th june.
really need some guidance.


Hey Mike,good idea.I'll be here ;)

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HI ,
I am Iindian German living in Hamburg , I like know about people from different continent , specially I like Italy , I will be happy to read your reply.



salam TheBlackElk man Ali hastam baraton payam ferestadam montazere tamase shoma hastam, man sakene rome hastam

ghazal5562 > in English, please ?

Hello everyone,

I just moved to Rome a few days ago and I look forward to meeting people