Moving to Rome from Bangalore, India.. Need help

Hi People,

I am Seema from Bangalore working in a big fat multinational company and i AM TIRED OF IT.
I am planning to move to some country where i can absorb the rich culture and meet new people. Please help me.

When i was browsing internet for new places to live and Rome looked pretty interesting.  I have been asking many people to help me ( online) ever since i have decided to quit and move. Hope people here find me worth to help.


I'd consider to move in Milan, where unemployment rate is quite lower than Rome....are you planning to find a job? what are your plans?

Thanks for enquiring. 
Well, my plans are pretty much find a job and move. ;) i dont mind moving to Milan if i can get a job survive.
Do you know anyone who can help me?

To get more useful responses its advisable to give more information on what kind of job you are looking for.
You can also check out the jobs section in the green banner above the page and you can post your CV there as well.

Good luck with your job hunting.


Thank you for your response.
Well, i have 10 years of exp in corporate industry in various fields. Mainly, Recruitment, Business Development, Staffing, Clients Operations, Mentoring new employees etc.
But frankly, i am more keen on searching a job in English teaching for kids.
I have always been passionate about cooking but unfortunately never got a chance to try myself in professional cooking. So i wouldn't mind trying anything in Hotel industry as a beginer ( its never late to go for what i really want isnt  it? ) :)
And you'r right !. i will post my CV . Thanks ;)


..any Italian (or any other language) skills over English? About tourism this website is good..but is written in Italian

Pay a look also here

Do you have any English teaching certificate?