How can I get compensation for the damage results from work incident

I fell on my knee two years ago at the college where I used to work for, but this college has not reported it as a work incident and has told me that Bupa covered the medical treatment, now after two years of suffering as there is a damage in my knee and the company refused to pay compensation for this damage, how can I get this compensation, as I got sick of the slow careless irresponsible staff who kept postponing my case, without paying me my compensation, this college has been doing the same things with everyone!! Even though there are a lot of complaints against it but it still violates the labor laws!!!

Are you working directly for the college? Your sponsor should have reported it to Social Insurance department (GOSI - General Org of Social Insurance). All work related insurance are covered by them.
1) If any of your colleague suffer this kind of injury make sure ambulance is called and injured is taken to nearest health facility (this is must)
2) A responsible person inside the health facility must take the report of incident.

For more information visit the website
gosi. /GOSIOnline/GOSI_Overview&locale=en_US

I asked the college to call ambulance for me but it has told me it is not covered by Bupa and I need to call a taxi, as the college has done with me, also, it has not reported the work incident even though I have reported it immediately to them, later on, I found about what the college has done and I have submitted a claim to Gosi four months ago, and submitted all the documents which proved my case, but gosi has been postponing my case without any reason, it has wasted my time, money and effort!!Any suggestion!!


Sorry to hear that, I know its very hard to go through all the suffering, you are entitled to full compensation for the work injury, all you need is to file a case in Riyadh or withing the nearest labor office to you, make sure to take all the medical reports and other supporting documents with you, please see Article 133 of Saudi Labor Law ;

Article 133:
"If a worker sustains a work injury or an occupational disease, the employer shall be required to treat him and assume directly or indirectly all necessary expenses,
including hospitalization, medical examinations and tests, radiology, prosthetic
devices and transportation expenses to treatment centers"
Good luck.


I have already submitted a case against the company at the labor office, court but it's been a waste of time, money and effort and I haven't got anything, also, I have submit my claim for compensation at Gosi, again, it has been a waste of time, money and effort, as gosi has been postponing my case without doing anything!! So both the labor department and gosi have not done anything at all!! Both have wasted my time, money and effort!! The worst part about Gosi staff that they keep telling me NEXT WEEK!!!! Next week will never ever come!!

All these things you have mentioned are just written on papers!! In reality, expatriates who have work incidents never receive anything.

There is cooperation between the employers and the medical insurance in Saudi Arabia so:
- Employers deduct 2% from the salaries of the employees for work incidents but:
- Employer never pays for the expenses of the treatment for work incident and let the medical insurance covers the expenses.
- Employer never pays compensation for the damage which happened to the employees as a result of work incident.

So employees never get anything from the money which it has been deducted from their salaries which is 2%.

Am Really sorry to hear about your injury.

i had a road accident while going home and the Car was totally damaged and i sustained 17 stitches on forehead . In my case everything was very swift Alhamdulillah.

The Mater of fact is that GOSI requires alot of documentation for the procedure. Which you have to provide. Following are the Basic steps

1. Employer should be paying Gosi monthly
2. Employer submits the application to GOSI for compensation within a certain time of the incident ( i think a week)
3. GOSI evaluate the request (in evaluation they will ask you everything like time sheet or proof that you were at office on that day or at the same time, your contract with employer, your house agreement etc etc)
4. If evaluation they conclude with a YES it is a work place injury, they form a medical board which identify how much is the injury in percentage.
5. they take your number and inform you when to come to collect the cheque.

For me it took one and a half month after getting out of stitches with very frequent visits to hospitals and GOSI office and my case was managed by the PRO of the company who accompanied me and expedited it.

So they compensate well and fair but they are on their own. you need a saudi to deal with a saudi.

hope something helps.

have a good day.

I have reported the incident which happened to me two years ago  immediately to ESGSA, the college where I worked for, but it did not report this work incident, also, when I asked for ambulance, ESGSA has told me Bupa never covered the ambulance, so I went by a taxi, also, I have been paying 20% for medication according to Bupa policy, finally, I submit a form for compensation for the damage which happened in my knee five months ago, but gosi has decided that the damage is 9%,even though, there is a serious damage in my knee and I can't walk!!    I want to know what I should do in order to get the compensation for the damage in my left knee!!

I appreciate if you sent me the name of a good lawyer in Al Khobar, so he will take my case and get me my compensation for a work incident from gosi, also, get me all the expenses which I paid for the medical treatment for my knee for the last two years, as gosi has refused to pay me the expenses, also, the compensation was redicoulus as I can't walk properly anymore and the medical committee has decided the percentage of the disability was just 9%, if anyone knows a good lawyer, please send me his name and mobile number.

If you go back to your country, it will be better for you rather than going to MOL.They will give you long dates.My friend is  facing the same situation since janaury 2018..

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