Visit visa insurance

I am looking to purchase insurance for my wife and child who InshaAllah will be arriving to Saudia on a visit visa.
I  am aware of the insurance which is mandatory for visa stamping. This one i believe covers only emergency medical care and does not cover outpatient visits.

Is there any possibility of purchasing medical insurance for them so that everything is covered?

Has anyone tried to do this?
Can you please advise.

Thanks in advance.

No, you need an iqama for them to be able to get insurance from a company in Saudi.  I know as I have tried many times to get it but was always turned away.

The solution is to get GCC insurance coverage from a provider in say UAE or Bahrain which would cover you inside Saudi.   That is what I have done - and have used SAICO as well as NAS.  But it is not cheap and certainly not cost effective for short visits such as the one you have described.

Thank you for the info.
I have one more question. is it possible to travel to Bahrain via causeway while on visit visa to KSA?
It is an Indian passport and i shall be taking a Bahrain visa prior to the travel date.

If your visa to Saudi is marked as "OPEN" and not "AIR" plus the visa to Bahrain allows travel via the causeway.  Most Bahrain evisas do not.


How to check whether it is open or Air

It's written on the visa itself on the left side.

"OPEN" or مفتوح.

"AIR" or جو.

Ask an Arabic speaker to confirm for you.

Thanks for the information

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