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hello everyone.

i am visiting thailand next month, and found a hotel named bangkok city hotel.  Address: 
268, btween Soi Petchburi 10-12, Petchburi Road, Ratchathewi, Siam, Bangkok, Thailand.

i would like to have your opinion on this hotel please. is the location convenient, for people on holiday?

is there any other hotel u may recommend for 2 adults and 2 children. looking for a budget hotel.

thank you for your advices and suggestions


dear mam,for the hotel i think its a good choice,near platinum market and pratunam,you can go shopping with ur family,its near to BTS station,around 50mtrs,

Airbnb is a good site to look for places as you move about. You can read the Airbnb member reviews before deciding on any particular place. There are usually lots of pics to look at accompanied with an area map. The rental fee gets put into an Airbnb trust until you actually move in to the place of your choice. If there is something wrong with the accommodation, you can always bow out for a very small fee. You need to become a member before renting because everybody gets a basic screening followed by post-rental reviews from the host and from the renter. That will help you feel more secure. Looks like Eric dj knows the area where Bangkok City Hotel is. Good luck. Enjoy!   dcb

I like Prime hotel near Chinese market.

oooh thank u so much everyone for the info !!

How long would like to stay in thailand, and whats the facilities that you are looking for if you could be specific with your budjet and requirements so that I can give you best options to save money as well as comfortable stay, you can mail me to  ***

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hello jagdish.

well i am from mauritius, indian origin. i will be in thailand on 7 november this year. that is next month. we will be there for about 4 days. then we will travel to singapore, then malaysia, then we will return back to thailand. we will stay 4 more days in thailand and then we will take our flight back to mauritius. i will be coming along with my husband and 2 kids aged 5 and 9 years. we are looking for something comfortable, but not luxury.  we are not looking for something expensive. one bed room accomodating all of us should be ok. private toilet and bathroom is a must. location should be in bangkok and near transportation. we are interested in shopping and street foods. thank u in anticipation for ur suggestions.

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