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Hi.... im new here,  i just wana asked about when will b d END OF SERVICE AWARD will be given... For example I already finish my 2 years contract but I renew again for anoder 2 years,  so s dat mean dat they will not give d end of service award or I cant receive it since I renew anoder contract?  And s it true dat it will be given only f  u finish ur 2 years or more and dont renew ur contract anymore?  Im just confuse when it will be given exactly..  Becoz some say it will be given when u finish ur 2 years and some say only be given f u dont renew anymore.  So im confuse. thank u for d answer and more power 😊

This would be based on term and condition written on the contract which you signed with your company. IF your contract states something similar to below:-
1) This contract is renewed for the same duration or by the duration decided by the employer.....
Then your contract is auto renewed for 2 years and you will collect end of benefits at the end of 4 years.
If your contract doesn't says anything about renewal then it is a 2 years contract and you will receive end of benefits and given a new contract.
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mr. Ehtesham thank u for d reply....

I confirm what Ehtesham said

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