Birth place in Passport and Birth certificate different dependent VISA

I am a software professional and in the process of applying for VISA B Belgium. My wife who will be accompanying me on dependent VISA has a problem that her place of birth in Passport and Birth cert is different . Will this be a problem? Also what is the process and documents needed for her? Will it take a long time to get dependent VISA for her if I get a Visa B?

Yes.. Mismatch in birthplace can be an issue. Better get it corrected.

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Hi Aneeshks,

I am in a similar situation for my kids(1 yr), the 'place of birth ' mentioned in the birth certificate for my kids is 'xxx Hospital' which was issued from the municipality of the town he was born say. eg. zzzzz town name. The 'xxx Hospital' resides in the same town.

However in the passport , the 'place of birth' is mentioned as the town name 'zzzzz' town name.

Will there be any problem during my kids application for the Visa D ?

Thanks for your help.


Is it just xxx hospital or something more in the place of birth field in the Birth Certificate ?

it is just 'The XXX hospital' - basically the name of the hospital where they were born.

Should be fine because the hospital is in the town that is mentioned correctly in passport and the issuing authority of birth certificate is the town office itself. For future, there is a procedure to get this corrected in the birth certificate.

Thank you Aneeshks, looking forward to it, hope its not a problem.

In Visa application form , which one should I mention 'The xxx hospital', or the one mentioned in passport - zzzz Town ? or both -  the xxx hospital, zzzz Town.

Thanks for your help.

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