Settling in Beziers

Greetings all.
We arrived in Beziers a couple of months ago and are busy looking at property to buy.
I'm English and my wife is Kenyan. We like the city, though it's a shame the pet owners
here don't discourage their pets from using the city as a toilet. I'm sure the local mayor will
sort that out soon.
Other than that, I think it's a fabulous city and I can't wait to settle here. We're wading through
mountains of bureaucracy at the moment and I will need someone local to guide me through
the process of registering as a freelancer, since I am a musician and theatre director, and keen
to get involved in the performing arts scene as soon as possible. 
If any of you have any ideas - do let me know.
I'm a jazz musician and looking to join a band, or even form one if I have to.
And a jazz choir too...

Hi, good luck with your relocation. Personally I wouldn't have chosen Beziers while Robert Menard is Maire.He is a far right politician who supports bullfighting where bulls are tortured to death in front of the yelling public. The fact that the "arene" is filled tells you a lot about the locals who live in Beziers and the region.

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Hi Nicole.
Many thanks for your reply.
I've just emailed you.
Best wishes


Apologies! I run Ladies in Languedoc and we have a policy of no advertising too, but we go with 'if someone asks, it's ok to reply' so I thought that would be the case here! Sorry again! :)

I am playing around with the idea of moving to Southern France (Languedoc area) when i retire in 10 years or so. I like the idea of being close to the Med, close to Spain, and close to an airport with cheap flights. I've not been to Beziers, but somewhere in that area would be nice. Any suggestions? I would love a place with a thriving ex pat community.  Any suggestions, information, etc helpful. I am in the dreaming mode of it right now, but thinking about possibilities!

Thank you for this info. Any places in this area that you recommend? (definitely want to get away from that mindset if possible. I live in Georgia, USA and my dream of moving to Europe is to get away from narrow mindedness and people who don't care about the environment. Thanks!

Hi Rachael, I bought an old townhouse in the Pyrenees Orientales region many years ago in the hope of starting an arts & travel hostel. Unfortunately I never managed to raise the funds to refurbish or do any cosmetic work to it. I did have the house replumbed & rewired but will not be able to move there until I retire in about 18 months, by which time I may not be fit to carry on a hostel business. I have reassessed this now and hope to create a semi retirement home for 3 healthy
, arty type women (including myself), who will have retired within the next few years. I'm still in the planning process. The property is situated in a reasonably sized commune (town), half an hour from the Med and half an hour from the Spanish border. My dream keeps me happy in that I know I can fulfill it soon. Good luck with your search.


Whilst that may be true, that is a very one-dimensional view of Béziers. I heartily disagree with bull-fighting but there is so much more to Béziers than that! Ménard has changed the town immeasurably since taking office. The historic centre has been wonderfully restored; the Hausmannian buildings' façades mostly all renovated, the Place Jean Jaurès is now beautifully landscaped, including a wonderful fountain area which has music and light shows in the summer and Christmas time. It's a joy to behold! The streets and pavements emanating from the central boulevard of Allée Paul Riquet are all being replaced. I love Béziers! There's a new, palpable sense of pride in the town in recent times and I think everyone should visit and make their own minds up, rather than reading 'old' news and views! :)

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