New to France and looking for friends in Nancy / Lorraine / Alsace

Hi, my name is Bryony, I’m 35 and currently living in Rosières-aux-Salines, a little town in Lorraine near Nancy. I moved from Manchester, UK 3 months ago to live with my French boyfriend in his hand built wooden cabin and help him run his organic farm! It’s a major change from my life in England where I worked at a primary school and as an artist. I am slowly but surely learning French and would love to meet new people in the local area. I love art and culture and visiting galleries, it would be great to meet up for a coffee and a chat with any one near by.

Hi Bryony,

I just moved to Nancy two weeks ago and am also looking to get to know some people/meet for coffee.


Hi Emma, it would be lovely to meet up. What have you moved to Nancy to do? How are you liking it so far?

Great! :)

I'm going to work at the University here. I really like the city - I've been here before as a PhD student on research visits but living here is quite different when you're not fluent in French! How have you found it?

Great that you like it, it’s a lovely little city. I actually live in a village outside of Nancy called Rosières Aux Salines and live on a little farm but I come in to Nancy a lot. I totally understand how difficult it is to not be fluent in French, I’m still learning, it’s challenging but fun. It’s very exciting for me to meet another English person in this region of France!

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