Tramadol- over counter? HMC

Hi. I'm traveling to Vietnam, HMC next week and wondering if Tramadol 50mg or similar is available over the counter at Pharmacies?

I have an ongoing script in Australia for a degenerative disc condition x3 actually. I'm nearly out of T and hoping to buy while in Viet.

I know it's not avail in thai over the counter and Laos, so just hopefull they have not done same in HMC.


Not sure about tramadol 50 mg, but Ultracet is available OTC, and is a combination of tramadol (37.5mg) and acetaminophen (325mg).

A cheaper alternative is Dianfagic, if tramadol is your focus.
37.5mg tramadol, 375mg paracetamol.

I have the same condition which you suffer from, and find both equally effective.
Both are OTC.

Good luck.


Ok thank u.

Anyone have experience purchasing the non mixed variety in 50mg?