Hair today gone tomorrow . . . hair transplant

I live in China but come here often for some work but mostly for the weather.  But starting to "lose" it.
So looking for anyone with any experience with getting FUT or FUE hair transplants in Ho Chi MInh.  Anyone you recommend/not recommend.  Even if it's from a friend, friend of a friend or. . . .  Also give any details about surgery (type FUT/FUE, number of strands, cost, etc) would be great.  I'll also post any of my findings here after do surgery . . . or not.  Thanks!  Andy

hey man im considering the me at *** if you wish to discuss what I've found

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Leaving a follow up to my initial post:

I did check out the following places but have not decided on where to go, though leaning to Thailand or even back to the US.

-Dr Tu 290 Tran Hung dao (referred by a cosmetic surgery hospital Q1)
-Trung Tam Phau cosm surgery , 9 Ly Thai to, 1, P1, Q10
-Vietnam hair íntitute, Dr cương. 97 B Nguyen du, Q1
2$/hair, minh, free one day notice, not by doctor,
-Medical Tourism cost (high as 500graft/76mD), 3usd/graft, 1/3 cost

Most of the places in VN gave me pretty bad vibes like the one at VHI  (run by Dr. Chong/Cương I believe).  It was an associate that will actually perform the operation.  The doctor i expect will be on a Vietnam beach at the time of your procedure.  Also expensive. I had a better experience in Thailand and it's probably better to just go there. 

If you get any different info, I would be keen to learn.  Just an FYI, these are the questions I usually ask:

-Doctor years/where trained,
- fut/fue?
-consultation with doctor?
-who does the procedure?
-cost fut/fue?  Discount offered?
-How long notice to reserve?
-Where do they perform the procedure?
-Can I see where they do the procedure?
-What kind of follow-up?
-payment credit, visa, cash?
-other recommendations (Dutesteride/rogaine)
-What does the doctor do to assure natural look (Angles of hair, selection)?
-viability % (quality)?