Seeking english speaking PSYCHIATRIST in Ho Chi Minh City

I am well aware of the many exceptional psychologists who live in this city, but I am desperately looking for a PSYCHIATRIST in saigon who speaks English fluently.

Experts/particular interest in:
psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioural disorders, mental disorders and addiction, etc. preferable.
Again, not looking for a psychologist (or therapist, counselor etc.)

Does anyone know a practicing psychiatrist
(or even a retired one with ties to/privileges in (or simply known to) Family Medical Practice,CMI, SOS International or the FVHospital) ?

Thank you so so much.

Hi expathcmc1,

Welcome to :)

Please feel free to have a look at the Psychologists in Ho Chi Minh City section.
It might help.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi - im new here and urgently need the same info as the OP.

If someone could help urgently it would surely be appreciated by the OP and myself - meanwhile i'll look in the section suggested


Hi Priscilla,
Thank you for answering my post quickly and offering advice, I really appreciate it and surely someone seeing my original post might find your suggestion very useful.
That said, I had already searched the psychologist section, and again the search continues for a PSYCHIATRIST and not a psychologist. All the best

Hi David23229450,
Welcome to the forum/the city.

I wish I could reply with the information you're seeking...unfortunately, as you've gathered, that's not the case. If you're new to Saigon I can give you my personal recommendations/observations if that could be of any help. Good luck..

I genuinely hope somebody happens to see this thread and decides to offer this information for others, it's never too late!
so for anyone reading this:  if you know of a competent, english-speaking PSYCHIATRIST in Ho Chi Minh City PLEASE hit reply!


Thank you all

Look like you're desperately looking for one.

Do you mind if I point you to some Vietnamese speaking psychiatrist, then you'll find an interpreter to go with?

I also don't know any of them, I'll just google and I also can make some phone calls to ask.

I know it's not what you prefer, but sometimes it maybe better to try than to wait. … ernational

This is the only one I can find; reviews are very favourable, hope this helps.

Hi! I was struggling to find a psychiatrist as well and it was difficult to find a proper psychiatrist versus psychologists and other therapists. This post showed up during my google searching. After a lot of work and reaching out to individual medical institutions,I finally compiled the information myself. I hope if anyone else researches for psychiatry in Saigon, this list of resources helps them as well!